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      It's back and all new again!   09/02/17

      Welcome to the brand new OzClubbers community.  We welcome all the new members and old regulars back to the community!  The site is still brand new, so its a great time to get on and start some new conversations, create a blog, add events, or submit photos!  To do that, you will need to sign up first.  It takes about two minutes and is completely FREE.  To sign up, visit https://ozclubbers.com.au/register and either create a new account, or use your facebook or twitter accounts to register. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Support menu! Thanks! Adam Madd
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    • 27 March 2017 08:00 PM Until 27 March 2017 11:00 PM
      Smart Phone tune in link: http://tunein.com/radio/Sweet-FM-971-s111067/

      Youtube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvq9ZrnEk2ZFsQ0keAm-gzQ/live
      Purchase Tickets:
    • 01 April 2017 11:00 AM Until 01 April 2017 07:00 PM
      PNAU // Saturday 1st April // Tickets available http://bit.ly/2lMOsU2 

      Nick Littlemore live on the mic whilst Peter Mayes and Sam La More select the tunes - these three are PNAU and we are super excited to welcome them to Family Nightclub!

      PNAU released "Chameleon" at the end of 2016 and since then it has been dominating the charts and dance floors in what can only be described as the summer anthem across Australia. Having topped the ARIA club chart and sitting in the top five singles overall on ARIA, ITunes and Shazam as well as placing 11th in the Triple J hottest 100 it's safe to say PNAU is still going strong - this after being top of the game in electronic music for two decades. 

      PNAU is sure deliver a journey through the years and flavours of music that the diversity of the group brings. Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes also form part of Empire Of The Sun whose debut album had everyone captured with tracks such as "Walking on a Dream" and "We Are the People" taking out a number of ARIA awards including Best Album of the Year. Whilst Sam La More (Sam Littlemore) has produced or remixed music for Robbie Williams, Gwen Stefani's, The Doors, Kelis, Cassidy, Ladytron, and Kaskade to name just a few. As one half of Tonite Only his remix of Pictures by Sneaky Sound System spent 18 weeks at number one on the club chart.

      PNAU have achieved multiple successes throughout their career which started back in 2007 with the award-winning debut album "Sambanova", with a back catalogue of tunes and multiple influences feeding into the mix it's sure to be a catalyst for the event of the year - don't be filled with regret as your friends tell you about it the next day, get your ticket as this will sell out!


      DE LA SWING [Elrow Records] 
      Top Floor : Born in Madrid in the 80's, De La Swing starts his musical career at the age of 16. Influenced in its beginnings by techno and drum&bass, his technical skills, ability to connect with the crowd and he's diverse musical style has made him one of the most versatile DJ s in Spain.

      Since 2010 this Madrid born is one of the emblematic Elrow residents, the after hour based in the ever growing electronic hub of Barcelona, that has become one of the best clubs worldwide, brainchild of the organisers of Europe's only desert festival, Monegros, and owners of the acclaimed techno club Florida 135 in Fraga, Huesca. Equally important are his recent El Row residencies during the summer season in Privilege Ibiza -in 2012 and 2013- and Space Ibiza in 2014.


      Ticket Link http://bit.ly/2lMOsU2 
      Pre Release $15+bf
      First Release $20+bf
      Second Release $25+bf
    • 07 April 2017 12:00 PM Until 07 April 2017 07:00 PM
      After a huge response from the announcement, One Hit Agency is proud to present Defected In The House Australia 2017.

      Established in 1998 by Simon Dunmore, one of the most iconic house music brands, Defected In The House will hit Australian shores. On April 7th, the heavyweight label will be hitting Melbourne's The Bottom End and bringing a sizzling line up of talent with them. Dennis Ferrer, Crookers & Franky Rizardo will be flying in to head the bill. 

      The venue is nothing short of spectacular featuring three floors each dedicated to a different genres of house music with an incredible sound system and production fit for the best music festivals in the world. The site was once a massive wool store and it's hulking timbers and brickwork are hugely atmospheric. Now tricked up by the technicolour fairies with booths and nooks galore, this is the late night party palace Melbourne has missed for so damn long. 

    • 08 April 2017 04:00 AM Until 08 April 2017 12:00 PM
      After a huge response from the announcement, One Hit Agency is proud to present Defected In The House Australia 2017.

      Established in 1998 by Simon Dunmore, one of the most iconic house music brands, Defected In The House will now hit Australian shores. On April 8th, the heavyweight label will be hitting Sydney's Greenwood Hotel and bringing a sizzling line up of talent with them. Dennis Ferrer, Crookers & Franky Rizardo will be flying in to head the bill. 

      Set in the heart of North Sydney, The Greenwood Hotel has already proved itself as one of the best open-air venues for electronic music here in Sydney. Coupled with a state-of-the-art sound system & production and a yet to be announced all star local line up, we are promising this will be one event not to be missed.

    • 08 April 2017 11:00 AM Until 08 April 2017 05:30 PM
      Defected In The House presents Crookers and Franky Rizardo headlining the event on Saturday April 8th at Family Nightclub. Defected Records was established in 1998 by Simon Dunmore and is one of the most iconic house music brands globally.

      Tickets - http://bit.ly/DEFECTEDBRIS
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    1. BY MID-MORNING we’d gotten sick of huddling at camp.

      Everyone was up, Charley had unfolded from the front seat of Darius's station wagon, and we could feel the lure of the Trance Zone out there, in the rain, its detonation only two hours away. So we made our peace with the weather, said to ourselves, what's a little bit of water, after all?, got ourselves organised and ventured forth.

      Almost immediately we gravitated to a camp a few sites down where true house-bus-owning hippies had parked up. Fifteen of them were out in the rain in a semi-circle, drumming up a storm. We knelt before them to watch.

      At the front was a little boy with corkscrewing blond locks, huge smile splitting his face as he banged bongos for all he was worth; at the back an elderly lady, sun beaten and leathery, eyes closed and ecstatic, drumming a doumbek also with wild abandon; others of both sexes and ages in-between.

      Water danced on the surface of their drums and flew from their flying hair; their frenetic multi-timbre beat intercut by woodstocks, tambourines, bells, their accompanying shouts emphasising their rhythm.

      I'd never seen a hippy drum circle before, but whatever my prejudices about such a thing were - although who was a man wearing silver nail polish to judge? - they quickly melted away. Everything about it appealed to me: the aliveness and joyfulness, the pure-centred presentness.

      In the crisp cold air something old and wild stalked, some deep tribal consciousness uneffaced, and in the grey it called to the faithful, collected them, so that by the time we'd left scores had congregated, pulsed with appreciation.

      "Fark that was cool," I said to Darius as we moved away.

      "Fucken A,” he replied, his eyes bright. “You know if only you had enough hair for dreadlocks, Izz, you'd make a good hippy."

      Allan, he of the perfect hair and the laugh like a dolphin plotting nefarious deeds, ne-ne-ne'ed in the murk.

      We pushed on, heading for a track that would take us through the trees and across the ridge line and down into where the dance zones, market stalls and hundreds of portaloos lived.

      Large pools of grey-green water, cold and reeking of loam, now had to be dodged, and when we reached the track, full of the soft sad chatter of rain on leaves, we used mincing steps to keep our feet on its slippery clay surface. A few wobbles and frantic arm waving caused much mirth, but nobody went for a proper skate.

      Safely negotiated, we emerged into the wide-open spaces of the dance fields . . .

      * * * *

      This blog is a story. Each post picks up from the last.

      If you are new, start at the bottom with post 1 and then work your way up. 


      * * * *

      Enjoying what you're reading? Please take the time to follow the blog, like and comment below.

      Also, sharing is caring. 


      * * * *


    2. Hi everyone,

      I've been hard at it over the past month fine-tuning the community and sorting out a few bugs, but during that time, there's been a few new things that have been added!  So its time to update you on what has been added to the site since my last update.


      The setup has changed a bit, and we now have Contributors.  Contributors are members who are actively out there almost (and sometimes actually) every weekend capturing the music scene and posting it up on here for you!  They are reviewers, writers, and photographers who are volunteering their time to go to bars, clubs, events, and festivals just to let you know about whats going on!  They're also finding the latest music and albums and telling you about them!

      We are on the lookout for Contributors, so if you think you have the passion to be out amongst it, capturing those moments on proverbial paper, we would love to hear from you!  We are especially looking for enthusiastic writers and photographers in all regions of Australia who are willing to volunteer their time on weekends to go out and socialise while at the same time contributing to the community! By being a Contributor, you will not only get access to various venues and events, but you will get your works seen by many people every week!
      Members can apply to become a Contributor by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/application and clicking on "Apply".

      News and Reviews

      Now that we are starting to get Contributors on-board, you will start to see News and Reviews from our writers appear on the site under the News menu!  You can choose from local news, international news, music and event reviews, and lifestyle articles!  Watch this space for the articles to start coming in thick and fast!


      Are you a producer or DJ and want to get yourself heard?  We have a new service called Musicbox, which gives Gold Members unlimited storage where they can upload their original works, remixes, and mixes to Ozclubbers and the general public can listen to them while on the site or download them from the community! Gold Members can even list their own Artist profile on the site!  We are also trialling an option where unsigned producers who have original works can sell their works via Ozclubbers!
      Annual Gold Membership subscription is available HERE to all members.  


      We have fine-tuned our Events Calendar system to include Music Genres, a URL for purchasing tickets, and even a Facebook event URL field!  This allows people to search for your event, such as based on the music genre you select!
      We are working on the location information section of events, as its not automatically picking up some venues, but if this is the case, when adding the location to your event, we suggest you list both the venue name AND its address in the Address line, which will allow Google Maps to identify it.


      If you are a regular on the Forums, you can now add your own Signature to any posts you make!


      The first few weekends worth of photos have just started to appear now!  We are still looking for budding enthusiastic photographers who would like to get out and amongst it every weekend, so if you think this is you, and you have a reasonably decent camera, head over to https://ozclubbers.com.au/application and click on "Apply".

      Inactive Members

      If you haven't been on the site yet, but have an account, now is a great time to get on!  To make sure that people have reasonable access to usernames (which you can change a couple of times a year), inactive members will be deleted from the community after a year!  But don't fret, you will get plenty of warning, with a reminder email every 3 months leading up to it, and then one last one just before its deleted.

      Custom shortened URLs

      Following on from the previous point, we will be introducing custom URLs for your membership profile soon, based on your username.  Keep an eye out for this!

      Staff list

      You can now see who the administrators, moderators, and contributors are by accessing the Staff page from the "More" menu!


      That's all from me for now!  Once again, thanks for being part of the Ozclubbers community and see you online!


      Adam Madd

        All Night BoogieKnights Broken Re-Think Diamond Lights Yes Yes Records 1
        HEAD HELD HIGH BoogieKnights Re-Think Magnifik ft Andrea Kerwin Yes Yes Records 2
        CLOUD 9 Purple Disco Machine Remix Jamiroquai EMI 3
        BLAME SOMEBODY BoogieKnights Bootleg Alex Mills vs Claptone XXX 4
        STAY BoogieKnights NY Funk Odyssey Remix Date Night ft Cam Nacson Date Night 5
        YOU CAN CALL ME AL Yasumo / Coursey & Jolyon's Bone Digger Dub Murph & Petch Vicious 6
        WHERE U IZ   Fatboy Slim Southern Fried 7
        STAND UP YA'LL   Will The Funkboss Springbok Records 8
        RIGHT NOW Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca Erodiscotique Remix Hard Ton ft Spiller  Luv Shack Records  9
        CHANGE Djemba Djemba / Penthouse Penthouse Remix JNTHN STEIN ETCETC 10
        THE DRUMS (DIN DAH DAH)   Claptone PIAS 11
        GET A MOVE ON  Original Avon Stringer Play It Down 12
        WE CAN FLY Angelo Ferreri Remix Paola Peroni ft Cheryl Porter Intercool Digital 13
        IDENTIFY ME 2017  Mark Dynamix 2017 Mix Mark Dynamix Micropope 14
        COOK IT Stereofunk vs CO3B)  Cookin On 3 Burners  WMA 15
        KITTY KAT   Tonky Velcro 16
        TAKEOFF   Sondrio XXX 17
        NAIMA   Mike Newman Bajeera Ice 18
        HOLD ME UP JJ's Vocal Mix Glory ft Jocelyn Brown Defected 19
        SENSATIONS Julyan Dubson Remix The Deepshakerz XXX 20
        CLOUD 9 Purple Disco Machine / Fred Falke / Tough Love Remixes Jamiroquai EMI 1
        THE DRUMS (DIN DA DA)   Claptone EMI 2
        WHERE U IZ   Fatboy Slim Southern Fried 3
        SCARED TO BE LONELY Zonderling / DubVision / Brooks Remixes Martin Garrix ft Dua Lipa XXX 4
        GENIE Original / Joe Goddard Remixes Busy P Ed Banger / Because Music 5
        YOU CAN CALL ME AL   Murph & Petch ft Livingstone Vicious 6
        SLIDE   Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean & Migos   7
        BABYLON   Booka Shade with Craig Walker & Urdur  Blaufield 8
        CALLING Zonderling Mix DJ Licious  Shomi 9
        WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION Ewan Pearson Mix Depeche Mode Mute 10
        KING KONG   Icarus FFRR 11
        DEEP OF THE NIGHT Extended Mix Goldfish ft. Diamond Thug  Double Up Records 12
        ON MY WAY EDX Miami Sunset Mix Tiesto ft Bright Sparks Musical Freedom 13
        FUN Eric Kupper / Kyodee / Crooked Blonde Remixes Blondie BMG 14
        TRYING Extended / Phlegmatic Dogs / Mark Spence / Wildfire Remixes Benson Sweat It Out 15
        CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM Hot Chip Dub Katy Perry Warner 16
        ON MY MIND Denney Mix Disciples Warner 17
        LOSING YOU   Zac Samuel PMR/Polydor 18
        HIT THE ROAD JACK Original Mix Throttle Warner 19
        STILL HERE Remixes Stanton Warriors Punx 20
        CLOUD 9 Purple Disco Machine / Fred Falke / Tough Love Remixes Jamiroquai EMI 1
        THE DRUMS (DIN DAH DAH) Original Claptone ft George Kranz PIAS 2
        FUN Eric Kupper / Crooked Blonde Remixes Blondie BMG 3
        WHERE U IZ  12 Mix Fatboy Slim Southern Fried 4
        GENIE Original / Joe Goddard Remixes Busy P ft Mayor Hawthorne ED Banger / Because Music  5
        LOSING YOU Original Zac Samuel PMR/Polydor 6
        KEEPMASTIK Original   Phlegmatic Dogs Night Bass 7
        TORTUGA Original The Cube Guys Cube Recordings 8
        FRIENDS Original Daniel Steinberg  Arms & Legs 9
        PARTY PEOPLE Original DJ Fopp & Luciano Gaggia Cruise Music 10
        BROKEN BARRIERS Tribute Miguel Migs Salted Music 11
        HEAR ME NOW EDX & Nora En Pure Mix Alok & Bruno Martini Ft Zeeba  XXX 12
        LOVE SHY Sam Divine & CASSIMM Extended Mix Kristine Blonde Armada Deep 13
        GET UP Original CamelPhat  Relief 14
        NAIMA Original Mike Newman Bajeera Ice 15
        LIKE NO OTHER Original Club Mix MING Ft. Camille Trust  XXX 16
        TAKE ME Demarkus Lewis Deez Ugt Main Mix Soulstar Syndicate feat Dawn Tallman King Street Sounds 17
        DIE MY HAIR Endor Remix Alma Polydor 18
        STAND UP YA'LL  Original Will The Funkboss Springbok Records 19
        IT AIN'T WHATCHU GOT Original ATFC ATFC Music 20
        RUN UP   Major Lazer ft PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj  Warner 1
        SWEET LOVE   Wizkid XXX 2
        SHAPE OF YOU  Major Lazer / Galantis / Stormzy Remixes Ed Sheeran Warner 3
        THIS KIND LOVE   Patoranking XXX 4
        DISTANCE   Omarion XXX 5
        COLD   Maroon 5 ft Future    6
        FINE WINE Original / WSTRN Remix Yxng Bane ft Kojo Funds  XXX 7
        ROCKABYE   Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne-Marie  Warner 8
        NO LIE   Sean Paul ft Dua Lipa  XXX 9
        NASTY   Kid Ink XXX 10
        SHAKE IT   Mr. Collipark, JSTJR, & Jesse Slayter ft Shaggy  XXX 11
        FAST WINE   Machel Montano    12
        LIKE A STAR   Fetty Wapp XXX 13
        LIKE THIS   DJ Henry X ft Wizkid  Spinnin' 14
        SUNRISE   Jillionaire ft Fuze ODG & Fatman Scoop  XXX 15
        LIGHTS OUT (TOO DRUNK)    DJ Katch ft Hayley  Warner 16
        NOT NICE   PartyNextDoor  XXX 17
        YOUR NUMBER  Remix Ayo Jay ft Chris Brown  XXX 18
        EVERYBODY KNOW   Beenie Man  XXX 19
        CHANCE   Sean Kingston & Vybz Kartel  XXX 20
      GALLEON UPFRONT URBAN BUZZ CHART Track Mix Artist Label Position
        BAD & BOUJEE   Migos & Lil Uzi Vert  Warner 1
        SELFISH   Future ft Rihanna  XXX 2
        SWALLA   Jason Derulo  XXX 3
        COMIN' ON STRONG    Future ft The Weeknd  XXX 4
        THAT'S WHAT I LIKE    Bruno Mars XXX 5
        DISTANCE   Omarion XXX 6
        SHINING   DJ Khaled ft Beyonce & JZ  Epic 7
        SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS    The Chainsmokers ft Coldplay  SME 8
        STAY   Zedd & Alesha Cara  XXX 9
        I THINK OF YOU    Jerimih ft Chris Brown  XXX 10
        ALL TIME LOW  Remix John Bellion ft A$AP Rocky  XXX 11
        LOVE $ICK    Mura Masa ft A$AP Rocky  UMA 12
        COLD   Maroon 5 ft Future  XXX 13
        BOM BIDI BOM    Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj   XXX 14
        HIGH SIGNIN'    Kid Ink XXX 15
        IT TAKES TWO    Mike Will Made It, Lil Yachty, & Carly Rae Jepson  XXX 16
        IN MY FOREIGN    The Americanos ft Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Lil Yachty & Nicky Jam  XXX 17
        JUMP   Lupe Fiasco XXX 18
        ONE WINE  DJ Mustard Remix Machel Montano & Sean Paul  XXX 19
        TOUCH Remix Little Mix ft Kid Ink  XXX 20
      • Artist - Title [Release (yy-mm-dd) Label]
      1. KTLT - Darkwork [KTLT1 (17-02-03) KTLT]
      2. 7th Sense - Madellin Sunset (feat Mow Khalma) [Sounds of True Color (17-02-06) True Color]
      3. Neuropunk x Masitello - The Game [Tuesdayz EP (17-02-07) Neuropunk]
      4. Rootless - I Need You [Tell Me The Truth (17-02-09) Iberian Juke]
      5. Rootless - Tell Me The Truth (feat Hes - A Fruit remix) [Tell Me The Truth (17-02-09) Iberian Juke]
      6. Drae Da Skimask - There's No1 We Can Blame [Ficante (17-02-10) Astral Black]
      7. Intager - NRG 160 [NRG 160 (17-02-16) Pitch Recordings]
      8. Teklife - Took A While (feat A Fruit) [On Life (17-02-17) Teklife]
      9. John E. Wink - Phrenetik Transit [Phrenetik Transit (17-02-17) Comfy Audio]
      10. SWISHA - Woah Yeah (feat Dante) [Uptown Dream (17-02-18) Juke Bounce Werk]
      11. Current Culture - Clear Liquor [Ghetto Tekk (17-02-24) Broken Soles Recordings]
      12. Colorhythm - Lavina [Fission EP (17-02-24) Modern Ruin]
      13. TMSV - Jazz Error [Jazz Error (17-02-24) Cosmic Bridge]
      14. Ganjoid - Ruckus [Collection x.2 (17-02-28) Philthtrax]

      Back at uni, so there won't be reviews of tunes for a while...

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