It’s time to say goodnight

OzClubbers has been around as one of Australia’s leading electronic music sites its inception in 2001. It’s taken on various forms over the years, starting as a community membership portal with photos and forums, to finally a news media website, but ultimately, it’s always been about the electronic music scene in Australia.

It had a few side hustles throughout its time too, from a day club called Resurrection in 2004-2005, to in 2007-2009 which was -streaming DJs back before live-streaming DJs was even a thing, to the recent ticketing platform built into the site’s events section. We’ve even hosted many club events too, from the original hrmny event to Arvo Funke, Revival, Kaliber Open Decks, Llama-G, Paradisco, Gallery54, and Only (vinyl-only night).

Over the past 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to so many Australian and international artists, interviewing the likes of Judge Jules, John Digweed, Sister Bliss (Faithless), John Course, Dr Packer, DJ Spen, Dom Dolla, Short Round, Simon Digby, Nik Fish, Darude, Da Hool, Mobin Master, DefWil, Sunset Bros, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Ben Bohmer, Midnight Juggernauts, Potbelleez, MaRLo, Bella Hunter, Colour Castle, EEEMUS, Futurecode / Ben Gold, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Vini Vici, Bonka, Mashd N Kutcher, Scooter, The Satan, Lockdown, Kosha D, Pappa, Brandon Mangion, Boogs, Sneaky Sound System, Rukes, and of course, one of favourites to interview and someone who was almost a regular on the site, Andy Van.

However, COVID has finally taken its toll, and sadly the site is not something we can afford to keep maintaining in its current format. We tried, me we really tried. But in the end, we couldn’t. The costs of maintaining the site were outweighing the financial returns.

However, all is not lost. The site will always on in its current and historic forms at the Internet Archive, and you’re welcome to peruse back the back-issues of OzClubbers. The OzClubbers website (2004-2021) can be accessed at*/ and the original website (20-2004) at*/

We want to thank everyone that was part of OzClubbers over the years. There have been so many people that were part of the journey and contributed in some way or another. From members to our staff, everyone has been a special part of the for the entire time!

Some notable mentions over the years are:
Photographers: Jo, Kayt, Mel, Chris, and Adam
Writers: Mike, Anna, Nathan, Sarah, Dion, Mitch, James, Ryan, and Nishan
QLD State Manager and Lead Editor: Anna
Business Associate: Mano
Founder: Alexis

A few other shout-outs need to go to these people:
Angie Young (Xposed Media)
Amanda and Saskia (Sweat It Out Music)
Jess (InfectiousPR)
And many other Music and PR agencies who have worked with us closely over the years

Watch out on Facebook page at as we post some of our favourite articles, interviews, and other interesting things that happened.

Once again, thank you everyone for being part of this 20-year journey! It really has been one hell of a ride, and without you all, OzClubbers would not have existed for as long as it did!

With the closure of the site, if you’re looking for somewhere you can keep getting your electronic music news fix, we recommend the following outlets:

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