HARD held at Q headquarters

So ADE is Europes answer to Miami Music Conference, people sitting around in expensive suits, drinking over priced coffee trying to seal business deals to justify the money they have spent on passes, flights and hotels”¦

Cue HDE (HARD dance event), our rebel splinter group to the ADE which consists of DJ, producers and promoters from all of the harder styles gathering at the Q Dance offices to meet up and socialise outside of a club environment.

Headhunterz plays the Hardstyle ADE afterparty alongside

Of cause there is a business element, and many plans are laid for the following 12 months, but it is a lot less formal gathering, and the beer and food was flowing readily all day!

I was over there primary for a social trip to catch up with everyone, and do a bit of research of what everyones plans are for the near future, to make sure we catch all the best stuff for the show, but I also took part in a panel discussion about the UK hard dance scene, and took control of the airwaves for Q Dance radio for half an hour.

Thats the thing I love about the hard scene is the feeling of community and common purpose. There is only friendly competitiveness, just about everyone one the scene knows each other and are good friends on a personal level too!

Following this hard day at the office we all let our hair down at the first every hardstyle ADE after party with myself, Headhunters and Ran-D taking control of the decks at the sold out sugar factory in the evening, before the rowdy rebels spilled into the DJ Mag Top 100 party where TEN of the top one hundred DJs in this predominantly house and trance poll where hardstyle and hardcore!!!

The future is bright, the future is HARD!!!!!

DJ Viper who deliveres a storming Double Dutch Halloween Horror Mix for my show tonight

Source: BBC


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