Kicking off our new feature ”˜Tracks of The Moment is Warm Up head honcho Aidan Doherty.  Picking out five tracks that are tickling his fancy right now, Aidan has curated one dreamy playlist for us.

As well as establishing Warm Up as one of the seminal party brands of London, Aidan has built solid DJ career with a number of high profile gigs both internationally and at home in the .  Hes supported the likes of Max Cooper, Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy, Extrawelt, Christian Löffler, Rone, Dominik Eulberg, Oliver Huntemann, and many other globally renowned artists as well as taking the as one of the many talented residents of the Warm Up brand. Hes also the man behind some rather exciting and underground parties taking place in the outdoors and at some epic warehouse venues across London as part of WUITW.

Aidan has penned a few words (below) to go along with each track, telling us what makes each one so special to him. It makes for a great read and you can feel the passion and love that he has for his art radiating from these.

He really is one of the nicest and passionate DJs around and has exquisite music taste. And doesnt he look good as a techno kitten? Enjoy!


1 ”“ Rodriguez Jr ”“ Monticello
The big man has really nailed it with this one. Its a great combination of rawness and softness, light and shade. The track starts with a fast heavy kick, the groove is immediately thrust upon you and has a big impact. At first you might think its a dark techno track but he then brings in the softness over the top, the delicate beautiful melodic aspects. The melodic story telling in this track is just perfect, its emotive, its dreamy, its warm and loving, add this to heavy rolling rhythm/groove and magic happens. His whole album was top.

2 ”“ Edu Imbernon, Duologue ”“ Underworld (Undercatt Remix)
Undercatt has absolutely nailed this remix. The bass line is incredibly warm and juicy and rolls at a prefect pace, it is a truly emotional track layered with lots of gorgeous harmonies and pretty intricate sounds that ping and bounce off each other. Its all held together by the lovely vocal that gives the track its extra special element. Again, its another very emotive track that has always lots hands in the air/eyes closed dance floor moments. Dropping this at WUITW a few weeks back as the sun came up gave me goosebumps and nearly made me cry.

3 ”“ BOg, Tim Engelhardt ”“ Scene 1
Well, what can I say, these two rising stars are absolutely smashing the scene right now! I think Tim is my most played artist ever, literally every set I play these days has a Tim E track in it. I also really love BOgs work so when these to masters came together to make ”Scene 1” the result was amazing! Ive been this one a lot, its one of those tracks that kind of send your head spinning. The groove is awesome, its punchy and whacky but also holds a really nice melodic element. Wicked track from the boys, hopefully you will see them both here in London playing for Warm Up soon..!

4 ”“ Allies for Everyone ”“ for of mind
I bought this track a few back but havent played it out yet, maybe I will never play it out, Im not . Its one of those very emotional warm tracks maybe better suited for podcasts. It makes me feel really happy, the melody is beautiful crafted and combine that with all those delightful organic little sounds throughout, this track really is a winner in my eyes. Warmth, emotion and love.

5 ”“ Underspreche ”“ Jaraï (Original Mix)
What a trip this one is! I played this track at 7am at WUITW the other week, wasnt sure how would react, as soon as that vocal came in the crowd became hypnotised by its spiritual and ritualistic rhythm. It really does capture peoples attention. Its minimal, its deep, its a masterful work of art and also a great track if you want to change direction during a set and create a whole new vibe to start building from. When I play long sets I love in freaky tunes like this one, keeps the crowd on their toes and brings a nice dynamic.

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