As techno duos go, it doesnt get much bigger than FUR COAT.

With a catalogue of techno bombs, a number of high profile remixes and now their own record label under their belt, it seems that the pair are unstoppable.  Theyve accomplished what many could only dream of doing in their careers whilst continuing to push boundaries, mantain a busy tour schedule and dedicate themselves to the studio.

We caught up with both Sergio & Israel to find out what theyve been up to recently and to find out more about the launch of their record label”¦

Hi guys, first off thanks for taking the time to speak to us, you must be pretty busy this summer so we really appreciate it. Youve just launched your record label Oddity and released your latest EP ”˜Genesis on the label ”“ you must be feeling very happy right now?

FC: Yes, definitely! We are super happy on our new venture. This has been a project of lots of efforts and time, finally being materialised. The feeling when we got the vinyl was priceless. We are super happy on debuting the label with our EP, having Slam on board as remixers and being able to have all the details as we wanted from music to artwork.

With a jam-packed tour calendar ahead and having recently played at gigs across Europe such as Off Week in Barcelona, Mystic Garden Festival in Amsterdam and Snowbombing in Austria, youve really got us wondering ”“ how do you manage to balance your time between touring, producing and managing a label?

FC: Its getting crazier each year, but we cant complain. When you love something so much and acquire it as a lifestyle, you make it work and adjust the time for all things to work. We never stop working, we try to hit the studio every day of the week. Aside that balance having a normal life with touring and managing the label. In the end, if you want it, you can do it.

We read that you launched the label as a platform to express yourselves and your music and that a big part of this is with consideration to the art work.

FC: Oddity is part of the next step in our career. Yes, we can say its a platform we can show more from us, not only our creative side in music terms, but also signing music we play from new and established artist and also expressing the art side in each physical copy.

Youre based in one of our favourite European cities (Barcelona) and we saw in a recent youve chosen to be there in order to be at the heart of the European music scene. What was it about Barcelona that drew you there and not somewhere like Berlin or London?

FC: As we have said before, it is a city that we visited several times during summers. Not only we have good friends here, but you have many factors such as weather, language, food and beach that make it even easier for us to make our decision. Berlin is a super nice city, we love to visit, especially cause its unpredictable weather. London its also nice, but its a pretty big city, and travelling every weekend its not the ideal, at least for us; plus as everyone knows its pretty expensive to live there.

Do you both travel back to your home of Venezuela much? How has the electronic music scene developed over there and in South America generally since you left?

FC: We havent visited Venezuela for a while. We have already talked and as you know its going through tough times as you can see on the news. The electronic music scene in each country is different. Venezuela manages to fight against all adversities and still have parties. Its not compared at this moment due to all the situation to more stable countries that have developed and growth their scene like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru where not only they have legendary clubs, they have new ones opening and host big festivals. In each country, things are different based on laws, economy and other facts.

We experienced Sonar festival for the first time last summer and loved how the city came alive with electronic music. This year you played at the Watergate party as part of the Fact Off Series at the Warung Beach Club. Being from Barcelona you must really enjoy playing at Sonar, does it feel special to play in your home city? Are there any other festivals or clubs that you really look forward to playing at?

FC: The party was a collab between Watergate, Warung Beach Club and FACT and was a really nice night as we are close friends of all the guys involved. Barcelona is always special for us, not only during Sonar. We played Brunch In the Park recently (see their set here) and its something we always look forward to. Aside from that every gig is always exciting from returning to clubs we like to playing new festivals or venues.

There are so many tracks of yours that stand out for us such as ”˜U Turn, your entire ”˜Kataris EP release and the killer remix you did of Alex Niggemanns ”˜Virgo. Are there any particular tracks that youve produced over the years that youre particularly proud of? Do you have any favourites?

FC: We are super happy with all the music you are mentioning. It has been part of our constant evolution as artists venturing into new sounds, experimenting and always trying to keep things fresh. Definitely, as we have said in some other interviews, U Turn marks something special in our career and how our sound went more into techno and melodies, always keeping the groove.

Youve been producing together as Fur Coat for quite some time now ”“ are there any particular artists that you would say have influenced your music style over the years? Is there anyone that motivated you to becomes as successful as you are today?

FC: Yes, its been 7 years now. As for influences, we cant mention an artist in particular. We are influenced by the music that we listen to, to the music we play, to our mood and life experiences. In the studio and when playing music, we just do what we want and we feel, probably without any expectations of having a sound or mood. We always try to experiment with new things. We can say one of the keys to success is just doing what you believe and feel no matter what.

How do you guys manage the process as a DJ & production duo? Do you find that you challenge & develop each others ideas or is it a fairly smooth process?

FC: We know each other for around 12 years now. As a duo, you can go through phases, but time eases our understanding. One of the reasons we decided to create Fur Coat was when we played B2B before the project, we didnt need to talk to understand the path we were taking in a set. We already understand our body language and probably how each other think. When hitting the studio, this was something that we built up. Now we have 7 years doing it, and we think each day we are more open minded on our creative side and experimenting.

With your tour schedule, youll be smashing dancefloors across the globe from Dubai to Brazil. Can you tell us three tracks that youll be taking along in your record box?

1- Fur Coat- Sustain [Oddity]
2-Johannes Heil- Exile 007 B2 [Exile]
3-Radio Slave- The Reverse [Rekids]

And finally, the question that we ask everybody if you were a techno kitten for the day what would you get up to?

FC: Probably laying around in a sunny park with some other cats.

Cheers guys, well see you in the park.

Fur Coat ”“ Genesis EP is out now on Oddity. Stream below and buy HERE.

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