Ephwurd, the electronic duo consisting of Datsik and Bais Haus, have taken their relationship to the level by launching their very own label Ephd Up Records!

To mark the occasion, these guys are blasting ”Phunky Beats” featuring Jvst Say Yes loudly and proudly and rightfully so ”” its a song that reminds us exactly how fun dance music can and should be. This is the first of many releases coming soon via Ephwurds imprint. Now that the duo is back the studio, they plan to heat up fall and winter months by dropping new fire on us every few weeks!

Coming off an absolutely insane run of festival shows this summer, Troy and Basie are putting focus into bringing fans original music, more efficiently than ever before. And because Ephd Up Records is all about Ephwurd, fans will get to hear what they want, when they want it!

what to expect from Ephwurd and Ephd Up Records!

As artists who enjoy a broad range of music going from the most hype tunes to the most chill, we wanted to be able to freely give music to fans without the time constraints of a label. Sometimes we finish a song and it wont be months until you, the fans, get to hear what we have been on and its such a huge bummer. Ephd Up Records gives us the freedom to give you folks music when we want and when you deserve it, because life is happening now and its not set on schedule. With that said, we are launching the label with a tune of ours that weve been dropping for well over a year now and it always goes off! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Phunky Beats.

Ephwurd / Ephd Up Records mission statement?

Have fun, listen to good music, live life! And of course”¦. Eph $hit UP!

How did the launch of Ephd Up Records come to be?

Weve always toyed around with the idea of starting a label. We just want a hub for all the music we love and a place for our fans to come vs having to go elsewhere to find tunes that we think are dope.

What kinds of artists/genres are you hoping to represent?

The sound will determine itself in time. Its pretty much that we would want to play in our sets. Recently we have been into a lot of newer artists. Been big fans of Michael White and Oneeva lately, you should def check em out. The Michael white bass house stuff is top notch and Oneeva just has this unique sound to them thats super catchy. Time will tell though, we like a lot of different stuff and dont really want to get painted in any corner.

”Phunky Beats” (ft. Jvst Say Yes) is fun ”” just like all of your productions! How does the release of this make you guys feel?!

Weve been playing this song for about a year now and it always goes off. It just has the spirit of fun built into it and we love it that way. It always reminds us of all the dope times weve had on tour and just the craziness that this life entails.

Whats the best part about working together on the Ephwurd project?!

Bais: Its great because we have been best buds for a while now and to just hang and do our thing is a blessing. We each bring our own vibe to the table and we keep the ego out of it when making tunes. If one of us doesnt like something that the other writes its never a big deal. Its just like ”Hey Eph it, lets move on to the next thing”. We like to keep it fun and I think thats what has helped us get to where weve gotten. If its not fun, then why even do it?

Troy: Yeah, what Basie said! Its super fun being able to play shows and travel with a homie, not to mention also smashing bomb sushi everywhere we go. Lifes all about adventure and having a good time and right now with Ephwurd we got a healthy dose of both.

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Ephwurd Tour Dates

10/31 ”“ Mezzanine ”“ San Francisco, CA
11/30 ”“ The Helm ”“ Coast, Australia
12/1 ”“ Red Square ”“ Adelaide, Australia
12/2 ”“ Villa ”“ Perth, Australia
12/6 ”“ Argyle House ”“ Newcastle, Australia
12/8 ”“ The Met ”“ Brisbane, Australia
12/9 ”“ Storm Festival ”“ Sydney, Australia
12/15 ”“ Belasco Theater ”“ Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Piper Ferguson

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Your EDM Interview: Ephwurd Is Ephing Sh*t Up With New Label

Source: Your EDM


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