The 2017 year is not closing quietly for Above & Beyond, with the electronic groups recent announcement that its sixth LP, Common Ground, is due in late January and an accompanying US tour that is set to span more than total stops.

In the midst of Above & Beyonds nonstop momentum arrives Above & Acoustic””Giving Up The Day Job, concert documentary that will focus on the award winning trios foray into an acoustic aesthetic in 2016. ”Above & Beyond Acoustic” saw the electronic group on an 11-city acoustic tour for the release of Acoustic II, Above & Beyonds response to their 2014 acoustic album, Acoustic. The tour directed the electronic to a number of prestigious sold out venues ranging from the Hollywood Bowl to the Sydney Opera House, the groups deviation from electronic beats necessitating a traveling comprised of 17 musicians, and 34 additional Los Angeles-based classical players.

Produced in conjunction with Abramorama, the concert documentary will offer Above & Beyond fans an intimate look at the complexities and unseen moments culminating in the groups prior acoustic initiative. A respected distributor of -driven documentaries, Abramorama has worked with a variety of artists, producing documentaries for The Beatles, Green Day, and Neil Young, among others.

Above & Beyond Acoustic””Giving Up The Day Job will theatrically debut alongside Above & Beyonds US tour at the beginning of 2018 as part of Abramoramas theatrical campaign for the documentary. The full length film is expected to be released around the world in the months that the productions theatrical campaign. ”The acoustic project was a huge undertaking for us but the end result was massively rewarding,” Above & Beyond state of their departure from their electronic niche, ”We look forward to collaborating with Abramorama on the release of the film and sharing our acoustic with fans around the world.”

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