Artist Interview Jody Wisternoff Ahead of Brisbane Show This Weekend


    YET AGAIN, Brisbane is being spoilt for choice as another great artist is set to return to the garden Capulet this weekend. OzClubbers was lucky enough to have a very candid chat with Jody ahead of this weekends show brought to you by Lemon & Lime.

    As always with OzClubbers we like to keep it local and ask questions that the fans themselves want to know.  This Q&A was developed in collaboration with our very own Anjuna Brisbane crew!  Big ups to A.B.C Crew Admin Jason Whyte and crew member Riley Keatch.



    Artist Name: Jody Wisternoff

    Label: Anjunadeep

    Whatve you got planned for us here in Brisbane on September 16?


    Gonna be road testing a lot of new material from Anjunadeep10 which is nearing completion, a few new JW remixes, some classic WOW and just a bunch of hot shit basically! Its gonna be a day to remember!

    Youve been to Brisbane a few times ”“ what do you like about?


    The parties are always daytime which Im a huge fan of. This is a concept weve really embraced with the Anjunadeep open air events this summer! Capulet is such a fun spot to play, super intimate and a lovely friendly crowd. I usually end up getting kidnapped and going out afterwards too.

    How do you prepare for a set when youre travelling?


    By listening to new music with my ears lol. But seriously, decent noise cancelling headphones are essential (BOSE) and a lot of planning in Rekordbox and Ableton. I generally like to map out my sets beforehand, although things usually change in the heat of the moment”¦

    Any thoughts on the progressive scene at the moment?


    In its broadest sense ie. including deep house/melodic techno/desert music etc, I think the scene is super healthy at the moment, worldwide!  Our Anjunadeep parties are starting to get booked at some of the best venues in the world. Printworks in London coming up for example. The show we did at Mirage in Brooklyn in the summer sold more tickets than a lot of the super trendy hipster parties around at that time.  Asia seems to be an expanding market for our sound right now too. So all in all I feel things are rocking at the moment!

    How is the progressive scene different to other crowds? Eg a techno or EDM crowd.


    I dont really go to many techno parties and I know the EDM crowd is mostly very young. What I can say about the crowds we seem to pull is that people are generally extremely friendly and really care about the music. We get quite a few young ones (recent converts from trance) a few old ravers and everything in between – plus a good female to male ratio!


    Our scene here is relatively small – as a DJ do you have any thoughts on keeping the scene alive?


    Of course, because the scene is my livelihood pretty much. I can only do my bit really, a small cog in a big wheel.

    You got into music at the early age. Whats around these days that parents could show their kids to get them interested in making electronic music?


    I would suggest FL Studio (fruity loops) or garage band as an entry point. However, I did recently install FL Studio on my daughters laptop as an attempt to train her up as my young padwan but she only seems interested in playing Simms lol.

    Any work started on Anjunadeep 10?


    Its nearing completion and Ill be road testing some of it at the Brisbane show.

    Whos your favourite producer?


    Volen Sentir.

    What do you listen to in your downtime?


    A lot of oldskool hiphop (1986 – 1990) and Rave (1990 ”“ 1991) eg. before the BPMs went crazy and it all got corny. Not much country music, although I do love the soundtrack to Crazy Heart!


    For more information


    Check out his latest promo mix here:


    Tickets are on final release so if havent got a ticket for the show this Sunday 16th September get in quick!


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