This week we have London based DJ and producer Alex Warren aka Kiwi stepping up for mixtape #109. As usual, we asked a bit about the mix & what hes been up to recently”¦

    Well Ive just come out of a 12 hour stint in Panorama Bar, so Im a little hazy, but off the top of my head Ive had a super fun summer touring, played some really special parties and had a lot of fun. The last few weeks, Ive been trying to knuckle down in the studio making some new bits and Ive done a few remixes that Im super excited about, i through one of them in this mix, not sure its ready but felt right”¦

    In my living room (south east london) Ive built myself a really nice setup and there really is no place like home, i like to record all my mixes live, for me i dont think it really translates well when people do them on a computer, i like to hear the mistakes.

    I actually didnt have much of an idea, i had a few beers, i started playing some slower bits warmed myself up,  i ended up playing for a couple of hours i think, but just trimmed the beginning off for you guys to get it down to a bitesize 1 hour. It includes a nice variety of bits, and has a good flow. <3

    Up next”¦

    I have an EP on Correspondent coming soon which Im super excited for and theres a 12” on CinCin with Joe Goddard on the flip. Theres a couple of other EPs signed for next year and Im also launching a collabs label/party called Crossbreed, then theres a handful of remixes to come before the end of the year. And hopefully loads more gigs! <3


    1) Grace Records ”“ Nenad Markovic 

    2) pÃ¥ kryss og pÃ¥ tvers ”“ Rave-enka

    3) watch out! (inkswel raw dub) ”“ UglyInk Feat. Charli James

    4) House Phone (Random Kraftwerk bootleg) ”“ Unknown

    5) Just My Love (Demo) ”“ Umo Vogue

    6) Loco Mia (Iro Aka Fucking Edit) ”“ Loco Mia

    7) An English 93 ”“ International Music System

    8) Take A Bite Of Brains (DJ Slyngshot Re-Edit) ”“ Wicked Witch

    9) Unknown Demo ”“ Kiwi

    10) Snappy (12” version) ”“ Erasure

    11) Crazed ”“ JV

    12) Beat Girl ”“ Skyrager

    13) Vicuna ”“ Kiwi

    14) Ride on Time (Kiwi Piano Dub) ”“ Black Box

    15) Symphony (bnh remix (pitched up)) ”“ Donell Rush 

    Source: Feel My Bicep