Four Tet just released his 2 hour set from Lost Village 2018!

    Theres no denying that almost anything Four Tet touches is gold. From his live shows to his original material and then to this. One of the best things about Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) is that he loves to make available everything his done.

    You can download a bunch of Hebdens live albums for next to nothing, he tries and makes his releases super accessible and despite the fact that his set will be full of gems forcing you to head on over to IOM to try and score some of those cheeky IDs. One of our personal favourite spots is that classic vocal at 25 minutes in (listen for yourself!) but it doesnt stop delivering throughout.

    The mix has a huge mix of funk, garage, house, and even more techy sounds so get behind it below and reaffirm that Four Tet can do no wrong!

    Source: Stoney Roads