Facebook has finally taken Myspaces best feature

    Facebook has just officially announced that in a plan to integrate music more fluidly throughout the site, they’ll be adding some updates.

    The updates will include the ability to add music to stories, but more importantly, we’ll soon be getting the feature from the Myspace days that we missed so much, a profile song!

    Remember your first foray into Facebook? It was strange, a little stale, but the worst thing was that you couldn’t have your favourite tune annoyingly play every time someone came onto your Facey. Well no stress, from here on in we won’t be telling anyone we’re music bloggers anymore, we’ll let our wanky profile song do the talking!

    So buckle up as you get ready to judge all of your friends for whatever trash they have playing as their Myspace Facebook profile song.

    You can read more about it via Facebook’s release here.

    Source: Stoney Roads