One of Melbournes leading hospitality business owners, Sami Saleh, is about to launch his latest new venture: BAR NØNE GROUP!  As a natural-born entrepreneur and someone who is always known for pushing boundaries, Sami takes pride in creating events designed to exceed every expectation and his newest venture, BAR NØNE Group, promises to do exactly that.

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    Samis drive for premium service and hospitality can be traced back to 1992, where his passion for food saw him starting out as a chef.  Samis natural flair for service then propelled him into various front-line management roles such as: Atlantic Group.  For over 25 Years Sami played a pivotal role in delivering world class corporate and major events, including: Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix and Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, together with the recognition of being awarded ”˜Restaurant and Catering – National Caterer of the Year three years in a row.


    Alongside these remarkable achievements, Sami also leads the pack as a key partner for Roar Projects ”“ the forward-thinking team behind some of Melbournes most accomplished venues: Alumbra, Ms Collins and Xe54 along with partnering ventures including: Ultra Australia, Tonkah Foods and now BAR NØNE Group.


    BAR NØNE Group ”“ is a boutique Events Management agency and is Samis most exciting venture to date.  Having only just commenced operations, the team have already secured a deal with the Victorian Racing Club for ”˜Ultra Australia Music Festivals Australian Marquee / Birdcage Debut at the 2018 Spring Racing Carnival and is quickly proving to be one of the big industry players.


    Samis extraordinary commitment to providing the finest quality service will ensure that BAR NØNE Group; will produce events that are memorable ”“ with no exceptions!



    • Bar NØNE Group is a fully-integrated event management company with a dedication to providing dynamic, unforgettable events across Australia.  Our passion for creating unique brand experiences means we are continually pushing the boundaries in our approach to delivering seamless events that exceeds all expectations.
    • With headquarters in Melbourne, we produce events that span intimate high-end parties through to 10,000+ person festivals.  With combined decades of experience, our team is committed to your brands success through creative concepts and thought-provoking ideas.  We are here to help you solve your next brand marketing or events challenge and ultimately drive success and increased revenue for your business.
    • BAR NØNE Group will specialise in high-profile and large-scale events, BAR NØNE focuses on creating innovative, exciting events that push boundaries and thrill the senses.
    • The BAR NØNE team is versatile and incredibly experienced – perfectly suited to ULTRA Australias Event Management needs, having produced Melbournes ”˜ROAD TO ULTRA in 2018 as well as ULTRA Australias highly sought-after and prestigious launch party on Derby Day at the Victorian Racing Club, Spring Racing Carnival in November.
    • BAR NØNEs relationships with other agencies in the industry allows for unprecedented flexibility in Events Management, with a fleet of wholesale traders, promoters and events organisers such as TANG, Finders Keepers, LUCKY Ent, Hardware Corporation, Untitled Group and an enormous range of Hospitality Industry Professionals to work with.


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