The 10 best Aussie dance music albums of the 21st century

    Firstly, this is our personal list and is by no means the be all and end all. Secondly we made a point of not doubling up on bands, couldnt have both Flume albums, all three RÃœFÃœS albums and then filled out the remainder with Presets albums now could we? Third and finally this list is a relatively modern one, nothing before 2000, so please older scene heads: dont shoot us. 

    Theres no doubt that since the turn of the century Australias been influencing the greater electronic music world with a slew of killer releases. Weve compiled a couple of lists of classic Aussie dance bangers before, but this time weve taken it one step further to honour those whove compiled full albums of absolute choons!

    Without further ado, check our list of the top 10 Aussie dance albums of the 21st Century:

    1. The Avalanches ”“ Since I Left You (2000)
      Must listen: Since I Left You, Foreign Psychiatrist
    2. The Presets ”“ Apocalypso (2008)
      Must listen: My People, This Boys In Love, Eucalyptus
    3. Flume ”“ Flume (2012)
      Must listen: Holdin On, Sleepless
    4. RÃœFÃœS DU SOL ”“ Bloom (2016)
      Must listen: Innerbloom, You Were Right
    5. Midnight juggernauts ”“ Dystopia (2007)
      Must listen: Into The Galaxy, Shadows, Tombstone
    6. Cut Copy ”“ In Ghost Colours (2008)
      Must listen: Hearts On Fire, Lights And Music, Visions
    7. Pnau ”“ Pnau (2007)
      Must listen: Wild Strawberries, Embrace, Baby
    8. Pendulum ”“ Hold Your Colour (2005)
      Must Listen: Blood Sugar (still counts), Tarantula, Sounds of Life
    9. Empire Of The Sun ”“ Walking On A Dream (2009)
      Must listen: We Are The People, Walking On A Dream
    10. Sneaky Sound System ”“ Sneaky Sound System (2009)
      Must listen: UFO, Pictures, Hip Hip Hooray

    These are some of our fave dance albums, but were open to suggestion. Let us know what we missed!

    Source: Stoney Roads