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After the success of Sundays ”˜Mobile Disco in Melbourne, Australia ( surprise guest CeCe Peniston), Carl and Eric now proudly present:


Event: and Eric Mobile Disco

Date: Saturday 19th May 2018

Location: ULU Cliffhouse, Bali

About event: Carl & Eric will be doing what they do best! Digging deep through their extensive record collections and out their favourite soul, funk and house tracks that they were brought up with and tracks that have influenced them over the years.  Its a known fact that they have many gems in the !


”˜Mobile Disco began in Melbourne, Australia with 150 of Carl & Erics closest friends.  Its gotten bigger each year with more friends & house / funk loving fans coming along for the ride.  ”˜Mobile Disco is now a ”˜Must Attend national tour playing to sold out boutique shows at some of the most picturesque locations across Australia. 


will be Carl & Erics first time overseas, bringing their funk infused ”˜Mobile Disco to Bali.  Although theyve had many offers in the past, they were waiting for the right location and time.  ULU Cliffhouse Bali is picture perfect and the right kind of vibe, as they always want their disco crew to enjoy a boutique feel more intimate event as opposed to a festival vibe.  Both Carl & Eric will be entertaining the crowd from the start of the day til the end with a minimum 8 hour set.  So get those disco shoes ready Bali, Carl & Eric are coming for you! 


For :



For more info, go to:






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