Ozclubbers Review of “”I Need You“” by Jroll, Voviii, and Wknd Warrior on Central Station Records

Review by Wormie, Lou Lou, and MJ from Duggystone Radio




Wormie and Lulu: Were here to review I need you by Jroll, Vovii, and Wknd Warrior, coming out on Central Station Records tomorrow (Fri 23rd Feb)
LuLu: Ive been listening to it and god, its a great track
Wormie: Yeah I thorougly enjoyed it
MJ:  I really loved it,  beat and everything, and i loved how the second drop wasnt the same as the first drop.  I know its something that many many of my friends would totally  to
W: Its starts off with the bass, thats what got me hooked
M: I loved the melody as well, the only thing that would amp that up  would be a female , not all  the song,  every now and then, but its still.... i loved it
L: Yeah, the intro and outtro, its puts the song in such a different perspective, you dont expect it to drop into that heavy ass bass
M: Yeah but even the drop itself, i didnt expect that, i was expecting it to be a harder drop than that, but it was still brilliant the  all just worked together
W: I personally think its an easy song to freestyle to
L: Definitely
M: Yeah definitely
W: I was busting away to it throughout the song. Its going to be a dope song
L: Freestylers are going to love it!
W: Its smooth and easy listening, thats the best part about it from the start to the finish.  The only thing I can really fault about the whole song is the outtro goes a bit too long, but thats all
L: Yeah but it does cut the track too
M: The good thing about that is, you can bust out solos to it or its good to just  to also just how it is, its versatile like that and thats a great sign of a great track 
L: I can 100% hear this on the radio in the future
W: I could see me dancing to it in a nightclub after a few beverages too
(all laugh)
W: JRoll, Vovii, and Wknd Warrior, you  outdone yourselves with this one 
L: I give this one a 10 out of 10
W: Yeah, it gets a 10 out of 10 from me too
M: 10 out of 10 from me too


OzClubbers Revew on I Need You.MP3


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