DJ/Producer Dennis White aka Latroit won a Grammy for his of Depeche Modes track ”˜You Move at this years 60th Grammy Awards, at Madison Square Gardens, New York.

His current release ”˜Feather with Lliam Taylor & Aussie vocalist Charlz is currently being played on radio across Australia.

When Ozclubbers spoke to Latroit, he had just home to LA from New York and was decompressing from an intense week. He talks about the surrealness of winning a Grammy and how he came to work on the Depeche Mode classic ”You Move”.

How did you come to work with Depeche Mode?

I was approached to remix the song and when I heard the vocal I like the way you move I just thought it was such a great vocal for a dance remix. I couldnt get it out of my head and I had the entire remix done in my brain pretty quickly after hearing the vocal.

It was really natural, it came to me really quickly. Maybe just one day of prep. It has taken me 5 or 6 days previously to do a remix, but that is usually when I was overthinking things. Sometimes its just best to embrace the notion that your first idea is your best idea”.

You recently worked with Aussie vocalist Charlz on the track Feather. Can you tell us about how you and Charlz linked up?

I have been a fan of hers for a long time, I was familiar with her , we were linked up a friend of mine. Charlz is the greatest undiscovered talent in the , shes my favourite vocalist, I love her work on Feather and Im excited to see how her career evolves.

What advice would you give up and coming producers the amount of music being released on a weekly basis (estimated 30,000 tracks on Beatport).

My advice is always the same for up and coming producers. Listen to what everyone else is doing, and then do the total opposite. Find a way to stand out from the crowd because you are far more likely to be ignored doing what everyone else is doing, than you are if youre doing something thats different and unique.

So, my two bits of advice are always the same, be good at your craft, be good! Put in the time, dont fuck around on twitter and Instagram so much, get in there and be good at your craft. Just be conscious of doing something thats unique that is natural to you. Its so tempting when you hear something popular to want to do something that will fit but be unique.

How long it take you to make professional tracks?

Sometimes a day but Ive worked on songs for 6 months, if Im not feeling it, Ill shelf it and come back to it. There are songs Ive let lay around for a few years. But try to find a balance and move on.

Whats your favourite synth?

I have a Roland Juno 6 that I brought in 84. Its my favourite synth because I saved up to buy it. It was the first thing I played around with and thats how I fell in love with electronic music. I still have it in my studio and I use it in some of my songs.

Whats it like winning a Grammy? ”“ Its a surreal experience at first. Youre asked – whats it feel like when you hear your name? Well it doesnt feel like anything, but your like, I heard my name and I was like oh shit! I didnt prepare a speech because I wasnt going to win this thing. So I had like about 15 seconds between this seat and that stage to out what the hell Im going do in front of a room full of people. I really went straight to focusing on that and then theres a bunch of stuff that happens backstage after that. There isnt really a lot of time for it to sink in. Dave Chappelle won best comedy album and his speech summed it up perfectly, he said – Id like to my wife, my dad etc etc and at the end he says ”see you on Monday” and thats exactly what its like. You arrive home and your back to taking out the garbage and doing your laundry.

Listen to Dennis incredible Grammy speech: Here

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