Artist Interview – BONKA

Artist: Bonka

Label: Catch

The notorious mash up kings debut original ”Cant Stop” made it to the iTunes Top 10 and their follow up track ”Like This” reached an epic #5 on the ARIA Club Charts and #6 on the Big Room Beatport Charts. They went on to release the single ”Killa” which hit #2 in the ARIA Club Charts. In addition to a monthly radio show ”Lets Go Bonkas” the boys have just started a fully loaded Australian tour with Europe dates to be announced.

I recently caught up with local Brissy boys Lachlan and Connor and got the chance to ask them about clubbing, mashups and what they think about our local scene.
Where abouts in Queensland are you guys from?
We are both from Brisbane originally.
Can you tell us about what got you into electronic music?
The thing that first got us into electronic music was probably hearing it for the first time; it was energy that it gives you that you cant get from other types of music. To this day when a song comes on that we havent heard before and you get goose bumps it gets us excited to play it to a crowd and we get to see more people with the same feeling from it that we got.
Youre known for your mashup wars ”“ what got you into doing mashups and why do you think its so popular?
Mashups are great especially for us because we have really short attention spans haha! We started making little mashups ect when we were just learning the basics in music production, and seeing as we love lots of different types of music. By putting as many different genres of music with as many different vocals both new and old it keeps not only ourselves but our crowds entertained and constantly getting things they dont expect. 
When was the last time you went clubbing in Qld and what do you think about the scene here as opposed to overseas?
The scene in Australia is amazing! The last time we went clubbing here was for our PROJECT BONKA show at Eatons hill a few weeks ago and that was absolutely insane! watch it here  To compare our home clubbing scene to the emerging Asian dance music scene for example. Its not better or worse its just different as the emphasis is more on the performance and the entertainment value you bring as opposed to your brand or music that you have released.
Tell us about why you decided to start your monthly show ”Lets Go Bonkas”
Lets Go Bonkas is our way of showcasing to our fans what music we are really digging at the moment, it combines all different genres in a high energy mix that our fans can listen to whenever they want, but people usually listen when they are at the gym/ pre drinks/ on the way to work in the moring ect. 
Which guest/s have you enjoyed most on the show?
Every guest mix we have on the show brings their own individuality to the show, but our favorite guests would have to be Timmy Trumpet, Mashd N Kutcher, Tenzin, The Stafford brothers and Benibee. As we love the music they play regardless and we are just fortunate enough that they would be a part of our podcast!
Whats the No.1 piece of advice youd give up & coming DJs/producers that see what youre doing and want the same for themselves?

Be unique, do your own thing, as thats the only way to differentiate yourselves in such a competitive industry, which may mean the music you play or the way you play it! As long as you work hard and keep pushing yourself toward your goal there is literally nothing that anyone cant achieve!
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