IWTFA Pushes the Boundaries of Techno in Brisbane

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    OzClubbers talks to Scottie Chappell about the origins of the IWTFA brand and pushing the boundaries of Techno here in Brisbane.

    The IWTFA crew is made up of Scottie Chappell, Aamir Raza, Jamie Grenenger, Pete Trimbacher & Rob Glasgow.

    Tell us about how IWTFA came about?

    I came to Australia on a 2 year working visa from Newcastle up on Tyne in England. During this time I called Brisbane home. I worked and attended events and met alot of great people from local house and techno DJs to promoters from all over Brisbane. This helped me begin to get involved in the Brisbane scene and I began having ideas about what would add to the ever-growing techno and house scene here.

    I met the crew around 2 or 3 years ago at various techno and house events. Id watch them play and wed chat at gigs. We all had the same interests in music and the same vision of what we wanted to do so we decided to form the brand.

    In the months prior to launching IWTFA, I went to many techno events in Melbourne: Machine, Bunker, Plexus, Melbourne Techno Collective, Cat House & experimental events like Factoid and Doppler. They all had incredible local, interstate and international artists and I saw how far techno was being pushed. This helped give us a vision of what we wanted to see in Brisbane.

    Thoughts on the Brisbane Scene Today?

    I think the Brisbane scene is doing well. There are so many great brands that push all spectrums of Techno & House such as Subtrakt, Andromeda, Shade, Unison, Buxton, Higher State, BTHC, Dragonfruit, Oxytocin, Flux, Melt, Pray Tell, La Vibrations, Lola, Bless Club and Bass Swag. One of the reasons things work well here is that theres a promoters group so we can try to avoid clashes and support each other as we try to schedule events.

    However, its becoming harder with venue limitations here to push specific sounds as many venues only want to play commercial music. This scene has great potential so i think its really important for a decent clubbing culture to developed and be sustained. With many other brands in the scene, we wanted to do techno events that focus on and push specific sounds.

    We want to push the boundaries of techno…

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    We focus on lighting and visuals for a real mood setting vibe no matter which venue we use and we have a specific flow in mind of how our events should run.

    We always have our local techno DJs on our lineups and we show our full support of them and even new artists that want to push themselves, we like to think we give these people a chance.

    At the time of launching IWTFA, we also began a podcast series on Soundcloud. Listen here.

    Its a Brisbane collective aiming to produce sophisticated, refined techno that exposes local, interstate and international artists. We try to showcase these artists in their true form and let them express themselves with no boundaries in the field of techno. 

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