Interview: Matt Sassari

    Being considered relatively fresh on the scene, Marseille based DJ and producer Matt Sassari has suitably proven his strength in both the studio and behind the decks. This talented producer has released on notable labels such as Terminal M, Intec, Tronic, Sci + Tec, while his mix of Techno and Tech House steers his career the way he wants. 

    We had the pleasure of chatting with French DJ and producer about his new release and more. Enjoy the read.

    Lets start with your brand new ”˜Dust EP that has just been released on Boriss Transmit Recordings. What can you tell us about the release?

    Hey thanks for having me Yes im really happy about this release! I have a good relationship with Boris and his label. I tried to do something different with some modish synth. The EP has been well received with support from Dense & pika, Alan Fritzpatrick, boris to names a few.

    As a producer with tracks signed too Terminal M, Intec, SCI+TEC, Tronic and more what would you say would be a goal for producers when they start working on a track?

    You need to focus on your unique sound, without identity nobody will keep you name in mind so i would say when you start a track the goal is to make something unique

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I believe you have 5 or more tracks that made it in Top 100 Beatport charts? How important is it for a rising producer, to have music charted this way and how would you describe current situation on global electronic scene?

    Yeah i think its really important for the visibility. According to beatstats I had almost lots of my tracks in the chart since I started. Its good to have support from Beatport with banners and playlist charts which also help exposure.

    As a producer with releases on renowned labels, where do you find inspiration, and is it hard or easy for you to make music in different styles?

    Something its hard to find the inspiration but sometimes its easier haha about the styles it depends into which mood i am but its harder to keep doing the same style i think.

    Could you explain us your creative process?

    I always start by the kick/bass if it groove perfectly then the track is 50% done lol i always think about something to make before to produce”¦ sometimes its works and sometimes it doesnt. Its about consistency and being unique

    When is the best time of day to be in studio?

    To create the track it will be more during the night like 23:00 to 03:00 and then during the day i fix and finish the tracks.

    You are also co-running Panterre Musique imprint, so can we expect one of your own releases on the label soon?

    I will be back soon maybe end 2018 or beginning 2019”¦

    What tracks you are playing recently make best peak-time moments?

    Hmmm it always depend where im playing because some tracks works differently to another countries”¦ but i would say some of my new unreleased music has been working well at peak times, also Adam Beyer has been playing these and getting great reactions.

    Where can we hear you in the following weeks?

    You can catch me in Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Finland for the next weeks

    Dont forget to check Matts SPESHIAL EP.

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