Watch this Aussie comedian hilariously cover all Sydney stereotypes!

An Aussie comedian has absolutely nailed his take on Sydney stereotypes from all walks of life including a not too subtle dig at your typical Kings Cross character”¦. if you visited the area before lockouts!

You might recognise Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar from the past few years with some comedy gold including ”˜westie c*nt, an uptown funk parody and ”˜Bogan Aussie Anaconda parody as well as his very original and definitely not ripped off Australia in 2 minutes series.

While this one goes for 3 minutes mixing it up from his previous 2 minute endeavours, it gives a good little focus on nightlife pre and post lockouts in a crude yet comical way as well as taking digs at the state government, public transport and even housing prices.

Check out the full video below to see him lay into Sydneys stereotypes and skip to 1:08 for his demolition of our nightlife and tell us if you think he nailed it!

Source: Stoney Roads