Australias longest running dance music blog has called it quits!

After 18 long years, popular dance music media publication inthemix has called it quits.

As a part of the larger Junkee umbrella, the decision was made to fold it into Music Junkee that doesn’t stay genre or area specific, instead covering music as a whole, sadly meaning a little less electronic music memes for you fiends.

As the largest publication in Australian dance music, they had a following of over 200k on Facebook and paved the way for other music blogs (like ourselves) to make a career out of something we all loved.

We have nothing but respect for others toughing it out in the electronic music news sphere and support a bunch of them, so if you’re about what we and other do, make sure to give them your proper backing.

You can read through an emotional oral history of the site here and check out our list of Aussie music blogs doing it large that you should get behind and tell us if you have any memories of the inthemix gang.

Source: Stoney Roads