Reported drug overdose at Beyond The Valley suspected to be snake bite

    The news around pill testing that has unfolded over summer has been a hot topic for those on either side of the debate fuelled further by the tragic deaths of a handful of punters at various music festivals around Australia.

    One of those was 20-year Callum Edwards who was rushed to hospital December 29th for what was a suspected overdose from an unknown substance at Victorian based festival Beyond The Valley.

    That story has taken a dramatic turn this week with The Herald Sun reporting that of all things, according to his brother and mother that snake venom was found in Callums system according to a toxicology report and could have definitely played a role in the passing of the young teen.

    Although a proper coroners report is being finalised Callums mother told the news site that ”Tiger snake venom was found in his system.” adding further ”We definitely know there was a reptile involved.”

    Depending on the accuracy of reporting this definitely puts in doubt the rushed claims by Victorian Police of the overdose. We’ll update this story as it unfolds.

    Source: VICE

    Source: Stoney Roads