DIRTYBIRDs First Release of 2019 is EDMs Newest Femme-Anthem

    Will Clarke and Nick Monaco of DIRTYBIRD Records have a new release out that will quickly become an anthem for rave chicks everywhere. While the song is an undeniable hit for techno lovers of all genders and walks of life, the track Like a Girl definitely appeals to the badass ladies who love booty percolating.

    The song is deep into the techno category and a welcomed departure from Clarke and Monacos usual house-heavy sound. While the song sustains a creeping and sinister nature, the staple DIRTYBIRD house beat remains and repeating quirky lyrics give it a unique edge. There really isnt a femme-raver I know who wont get the freak down to these simple affirming lines: like a girl, I talk like a girl, I walk like a girl, I feel like a girl. Leading into the drop, Clarke and Monaco strip back the techno synths and deliver a raw beat with lyrics before hitting us again with a crescendo of techno.

    Will Clarke and Nick Monaco have a clear mission to reject conformity and the song is a declaration of inclusivity into a historically heterosexual space. Like a Girl is an accomplishment, as it is pure fun, an anthem for clubbers, and totally unique. Its the perfect blend of both DJs artistry and endeavors, so put that shit on repeat.

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    Source: Daily-Beat