Watch Aphex Twins thumping set at this years Coachella Music Festival

    It’s been a long time between drinks for the enigmatic British producer Aphex Twin but any doubts that he’d fallen off were quickly returned to sender when he floored weekend one of Coachella after a 10 year hiatus.

    Thanks to the internet and steady hand of keen fans a solid chunk has been uploaded to YouTube (in segments) and features, a stack of lasers as well as the bizarreness you’d expect from the veteran producer. Plenty of breaks, acid and donk tunes flooring fans.

    An extra special mention goes to Australian dudes Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code with their track ‘Drum Rack’ getting a play.

    With the release of his ‘Collapse’ EP last September and more and more appearances it seems like Aphex Twin might be readying something bigger!

    Check out the OTT but perfect Aphex Twin set below;

    Source: Stoney Roads