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    Melbourne Artist / Painter Danielle Weber was recently commissioned to paint a portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


    In March this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the ”˜Arnold Sports Festival at MCEC (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre) in Melbourne (the largest health & fitness expo in Australia).  On the day, he walked up to the ”˜Do You Even booth at the event where Danielle Weber was painting a live portrait of him.  Danielle spent 40 hours painting the portrait in total.  Watch Video:  Arnold was so impressed with Danielles work, he asked if his team had her details, as hed like to commission her for further work.  True to his word, this happened shortly after.  


    Danielle was fortunate enough to be asked to create a painting, which would ultimately be donated to an amazingly moving cause ”˜After school All Stars. After-School All-Stars provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life.  For more info, go to:


    Danielle was also kindly invited by Arnold and his team to attend the charity event where her piece was auctioned.  The event was generously hosted by Arnold himself at his house in Los Angeles last weekend.  Danielles portrait titled ”˜Timeless contributed $12,000 USD to this amazing cause, through silent auction.  World renowned photographer Mr. John Stoddart kindly agreed to let Danielle use his beautiful photo as a reference for this piece.


    Danielle has also painted Murals / Paintings of: The Rock, Queen, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela, Rafael Nadal, Ice Cube, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Connor McGregor, Gigi Hadid, Michael Jordan, Heath Ledger, John Legend, Kurt Cobain, Gal Gadot, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant & many more..


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