EDM Bloggers Cant Come up With April Fools Day Joke Funnier than Ultra 2019

For the third time in as many years, prominent EDM bloggers unleashed a collective groan as Ultra Music Festival made parody a reality. The annual massive, which included Fyre-festival inspired logistics and fast food sponsored acts, took us to a new place in electronic music culture. Consequently, EDM’s biggest blogs are at a loss this April Fools Day. An anonymous Dancing Astronaut writer opened up about the situation: “Ultra is the Super Bowl of knee-jerk clickbait. You used to be able to misquote a popular artist, or criticize an aging Deadmau5, and the clicks would pour in. Now, with Ultra’s most recent booking of DJ Sanders, it is becoming quite literally impossible to make this shit up.”

Other professionals in the space say the cynicism is close-minded. “I have already posted four parody articles about Fyre Festival 2.0 today. Initially, I was worried the lack of originality wouldn’t go over so well.” The authors fears were culled when she realized the joke may represent a real opportunity. “The response was so positive, Ja Rule even called proposing we list early bird VIP tickets” she added. “We’ve sold over 100 loyalty passes based on the article. These days, it’s harder poke fun at EDM than sell festival tickets, so that’s what we’re doing.”





Source: Daily-Beat

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