/monthly_2019_05/9d8443b9db6124338c66c5bfefd8443ac9149a85.jpeg.71ed91385bc3ad1a4e61dfe38a7089d5.jpeg”” rel=”””” style=””float:right;””>/uploads/monthly_2019_05/9d8443b9db6124338c66c5bfefd8443ac9149a85.thumb.jpeg.1fa1e805aa6d3616bff56f392f97122f.jpeg”” src=””<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png”” />Da Hool, producer of the 1997 massive hit ”Meet Her At The Parade”, has hit out on social media this week claiming that an artist called ”Joel Corry” ripped off his track. 

Da Hool (Frank Tomiczek) posted on Facebook this week stating Joel Corry had released a track called “”The Parade”” which used a of his track “”Meet Her At The Love Parade”” without his permission.  Da Hool posted that CR2 Records had contacted him three times in regards to using a sample of his track and each time he denied the request telling the label “”We unfortunately cant give you approval , because there will be release soon, Sorry for not having news””. The label informed him a few weeks ago that Corry had released the song on his own still the original sample.  Da Hool states that he and Warner Chappell have requested removal of this song from various social media and music sites, including YouTube, but the artist continues to re-upload the track to YouTube. When asked about it, Da Hool us that ”Its not the fact, that he has done it. it was just the way how this happened! We are planning to do a re-release by ourself and this is what i told the label and the artist when they asked for approval three times.”. Da Hool refers to the action as ”An absolutely No-Go. Illegal, ignorant and disrespectful”.  He adds ”Its an honor for me as an artist and producer if other people, young or old, are remixing or remaking my tunes, but do it in a cool and respectful way and dont steal music.”

Plagiarism is rife in the music industry, with a large number of popular producers using samples of other peoples tracks in their own. Ed Sheeran has famously caught out on in on a number of occasions, with using tracks from the late Marvin Gaye in his track ”Thinking Out Loud”, and Sheerans collaboration with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on track ”The Rest Of Our Live”, which rips off Jasmine Raes song ”When I Found You”.  Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams has also been caught out, with a $5million lawsuit against them for using Marvin Gayes track ”Got to Give It Up”. In fact, even recently, Marshmello is facing a lawsuit from fellow EDM producer Arty over similarities between Marshmellos ”Happier” and Artys remix of OneRepublics ”I Lived”.  A google search on plagiarism in the music industry shows so many cases where a popular artist has ripped off another artists sample or song.  Our research even found that another track by Harry Ley, called ”Love Parade”, released by the same label that released ”The Parade”, Up-Tempo Records, also contains a sample that sounds very similar to the Da Hool hit from 1997.

/uploads/monthly_2019_05/hqdefault.jpg.d2b7e85ea354d3cfa218c83d094d45a5.jpg”” src=””<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png”” />When we reached out to Da Hool to find out about what he plans in regards to the copyright infringement, he told us that ”(his) legal department and Warner Chappell are just working on (the claim) but it seems that JC is understandable and he knows that he has done something , so it should be settled”. Da Hool recognises that most labels know how to do business correctly, and does not believe it was in any way the fault of the label, CR2 Records. 

At the time of writing, a representative for Joel Corry and CR2 Records had not responded to our requests for comment, and Up-Tempo Records could not be contacted, with their Facebook page and website being taken offline.  In fact, the Corry track has also since been removed from many of the mainstream music sites such as Beatport, Google Play, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

If there is one huge bonus to come of this, we now know to keep an eye out in the near future for a re-release of Da Hools massive hit!  Watch this space people!




Listen to the tracks below to decide for yourself if you think Joel Corry and Harry Ley are ripping off Da Hools track.


Da Hool:

Harry Ley:

Joel Corry:



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