NOKO flaunt the freshness of their originality on debut single, ‘Desert Bloom’

Streamers of “Desert Bloom” shouldn’t expect to find the climax of NOKO’s debut single positioned at the midway point, in the classic fashion of song construction. Instead, NOKO deliver explosive dance action at the very beginning of the production, to give their first release a formidable start. “Desert Bloom” arrests listeners from its opening seconds and holds their interest in as it unfolds. 

A number of elements coalesce to create “Desert Bloom’s” dynamic body. Energetic chords skitter at the beginning of the song, as ascendant arpeggios arch. Booming kicks accent the tune’s chopped, undulating vocals. Together, these components create a lively whimsicality that animates the upbeat number.

“Desert Bloom” arrives as the introduction to the Los Angeles based dance duo’s EP, DAWN, due in August. Whereas NOKO demonstrated their innovative capabilities on a host of remixes that preceded “Desert Bloom,” the single showcases the production pair’s originality to be that of a fresh, forward thinking caliber.

Photo credit: NOKO/Facebook

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