Noise and metal clash with dangdut koplo and gamelan on the Indonesian demented new album.

Indonesian rave weirdos Gabber Modus Operandi debut on SVBKVLT next month with HOXXXYA, a new album smashes together metal, noise and happy with the sounds of gamelan and dangdut koplo.

album, we owe a lot to the metal/noise scene and to the small rapidly growing rave crew in Denpasar”, explain the duo, “ at the time a ton of influence strongly came from all the sounds out of our banjar (neighbourhood) community.”

HOXXXYA arrives on August 16 and will be available via the SVBKVLT Bandcamp. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Generuwo’
02. ‘Semeton 10 Ton’
03. ‘Kon’
04. ‘Tekyan’
05. ‘Trance Adiluhunxxx’
06. ‘Calon Arang’
07. ‘Padang Galaxxx’
08. ‘Sangkakala III’

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