Nostalgia the of the in 2019 and Deorro tugs at those familiar heart strings on his latest “All this Time.” The producer delivers a breezy sunshine that feels perfectly at home playing on the boulevards of South Beach, Miami. “All This Time” is definitely a departure from his usual bounce-y sound, gently progressive melodies and soaring top line pulls you back to balmy summers past. Times when a female vocalist and a big progressive synths would send goosebumps down your spine. “All This Time” is a windows down, sing-a-long switch up for the Mex-American talent, but it is a welcome one — and a of his production finesse no matter what genre he takes on.

“I was in a nostalgic  mood, and I really wanted to make something progressive, and at the same time I received the vocals for all this time, and they both fit together really well. It was an in the moment kind of thing, and I was really happy with how it was sounding as I was producing it. I really hope people like it and stay tuned for some behind the scenes videos of me making it because I actually recorded a lot of it and live streamed when I up with the lead. you! Enjoy.” – Deorro

Catch Deorro on tour the summer.




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