A sensual concoction of word poetry, ASMR erotica and tumescent ambient environments.

Perila, aka Russian-, Berlin-based artist Alexandra Zakharenko crafts arresting sonic erotica on her debut album, Irer Dent.

Setting breathy readings of an erotic novel and a collection of poems against sensual synth backgrounds and amorous field recordings, Perila recasts ambient music as a space for desire and sexuality.

album is the latest from the Manchester-based label Sferic, home to Echium, Muir and Space Afrika.

Irer Dent is out now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Natʼs Poems (with Nat )’
02. ‘Mouth Full Of Tahini’
03. ‘Sweat (with Inger Wold Lund)’
04. ‘XY Object Of Desire’
05. ‘Message From
06. ‘Wet (Digital Bonus)’

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