‘Storm Area 51’ creator wants to turn fake viral Facebook event into a real music festival

Ah, the Internet. Brutal, true, and undefeated, the World Wide Web is more than just the most important example of human ingenuity in history—it is the gift the keeps on giving. The gift it is currently giving, the viral “Storm Area 51” campaign, seems to be on the tail end of a meme’s 15 minutes of fame, though, what began as a fake Facebook event gone wrong could wind up being an actual music festival someday.

The Facebook event, titled “Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All of Us” received millions of RSVPs within days of being posted. The event’s creator, Bakersfield College student Matty Roberts, recently told KERO-TV,

“I want to make it like a festival of sorts. I want to have a bunch of different musical artists, everybody from the EDM world and then maybe some indie rock, maybe some smaller guys that are up and coming. I’ve had a lot of people DM’ing the page saying their bands want to play there, which would be super cool,”

Roberts’ viral meme-inspiring “raid” of the mysterious Air Force base is set to take place on September 20, and there’s no saying if it will ever fully materialize into a real music event. If it does though, just make sure the Dancing Astronauts are in attendance.

Featured image: Rukes

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