Described by Bokeh as an “unholy dancehall communion.”

Duppy Gun has unleashed its latest essential dancehall mixtape with Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash, which sees vocalists I Jahbar, RDL, G Sudden and Don linking up with Duppy Gun producers Velkro and Bigflite, as well as Canadian production crew Seekersinternational (aka SKRSINTL, SKRS).

I Jahbar is a of the Duppy Gun , contributing deranged vocal performances on multiple releases in the Duppy Gun catalogue, including their very first compilation. The tracks included on the new mixtape feature vocalists affiliated with his Roolings Muzik imprint and have all been road tested at “Portmore’s #1 dancehall cookout” Chopdawg Sundays.

Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash arrives on 2 and is available to pre-order now. A limited edition cassette, which features Duppy productions on Side A and SKRS productions on Side B “crushed together with much lasers inna xclusive mixtape megamix by Velkro”, is also available.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. I Jahbar – ‘DemNoBad’ (SKRS Prod.)
02. I Jahbar – ‘Turn Up’ (Duppy Gun Prod.)
03. RDL – ‘RichMiProud’ (SKRS Prod.)
04. I Jahbar – ‘Weed ’ (Duppy Gun Prod.)
05. G Sudden – ‘BunOut’ (SKRS Prod.)
06. I Jahbar – ‘Ipy Ipy’ (Duppy Gun Prod.)
07. I Jahbar – ‘IndependentGal’ (SKRS Prod.)
08. I Jahbar – ‘Sniper Rifle’ (Duppy Gun Prod.)
09. Buddy Don – ‘DuppyKilla’ (SKRS Prod.)
10. I Jahbar – ‘Weed Patrol Remix’ (Blazer Sound Prod.)
11. ‘Mixtape Side A Xclusive Megamix’ (Duppy Gun Prod.)
12. ‘Mixtape Side B Xclusive Megamix’ (SKRS Prod)

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