Friendships, family, aspirations, expectations, hope and disappointment, Melbourne producer, singer and songwriter Sebastian Ivanov known as ALUIS creates pop music with depth that resonates globally. The 20 million plus streams under his bet already demonstrate his ability to connect and tap wider audience with songs reflecting on experiences universal to us all.

“It’s about the of life,”ALIUS says. “It’s not just about the whole love thing, or hate, or partying. It’s about the complications of life, its contrasts and what it’s all about. It’s an expression of the stories that I’ve gone and I feel as though people have gone through as well”.


Following recent single Caught Up which has almost clocked 7 million streams, ALIUS teams up with vocalist and co-writer Sarah Saint James for Lose To You. Blending uplifting chords and razor-sharp with lyrics written straight from the heart. Relatable and honest, his latest offering draws on his own of toxic relationships where your voice isn’t heard. Told with beautifully raw lyrics, brought to life by co-writer and songstress Sarah Saint JamesLose To You will make you feel as much as it will make you move.

ALIUS Lose To You ft. Sarah Saint James is out now via Hussle Recordings.

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