Decibel outdoor is right around corner! Of course we are very curious about all of the developments for this year, so we had a chat with the creative team. As lead creative for B2S, Janna is responsible for coming up with a theme for the grand Decibel outdoor, which this year is ‘LIVE LOUD’. We talked to Janna about how such a theme comes about, how it is being incorporated into the stages and more about the uniqueness of Decibel outdoor! 

Janna is responsible for the experience of Decibel outdoor visitors. With her team, she makes everything into one big total picture. “Everything they see, do, experience, hear, feel and so on. From the first moment they get to know something about an event, until the show and everything that comes after. It has to make sense. Together with my show team I also produce the (intro)shows, endshows, the entertainment and so on.”


“The word ‘theme’ does not cover what we are trying to create”

Then on to the start of the creative process: Decibel 28 has just come to an end… When and how does the team start with the preparations for the new 2019 edition? “Leading up to 2018, we are learning a lot when we’re working, and we try to incorporate this immediately in the process of the upcoming edition. Both before and during the event, you keep an eye on what’s working well and what’s not so much. From certain creative processes you also create ideas which cannot be implemented at once, so you them down for the edition.” According to Janna, a creative project never ends: “We are always paying very close attention!”

Decibel interview

These eventually come together in a brand new theme for Decibel outdoor. Not just a theme, but an entire experience if it’s up to Janna. “The word ‘theme’ does not cover what we are trying to create. Especially in our scene, which represents a complete lifestyle! What we want to do with Decibel goes beyond a theme. It’s a feeling you want to give visitors, we want to create something people want to be a part of; a total experience.”

“Decibel is a no-nonsense festival, meaning the music and the visitor’s experience are the most important to us”

Even though each edition of Decibel outdoor has been a unique experience, there is a common thread throughout the years which always relates to Decibel as the ‘Ultimate Festival Destination’. “We have the sickest festival campsite in the (maybe even Europe?), which is still one of our USPs. the last couple of years we have broadened the experience, and we created a subtitle to strengthen this even more. Decibel is a no-nonsense festival, meaning the music and the visitor’s experience are always the most important to us.”

In the end, it all lead up to the new LIVE LOUD: not just a theme, but a persuasion. “A reminder to enjoy the sickest and loudest music there is to the fullest, at the place we all come together with the same purpose.” Looking at the bigger picture, LIVE LOUD even goes back in the days: “Decibel has always had a city vibe, we just never expressed it to this extent. We were just like that. With the new concept of 3 days, we decided to really embrace it. In The Loudest City life is rough, extreme, hard. We LIVE LOUD!” 

“De mainstage will be the place everything comes together, our sanctuary of sound…”

This year Atmozfears is responsible for the Decibel outdoor anthem: ‘Live Loud’, so it’s up to him to get across that ultimate Decibel feeling. “Music speaks louder than words. A quote I often use and the reason why I’m in this business in the first place. With music you can create a type of feeling for someone. Decibel has always had a rough edge, and reaches a broad target group because we represent so many styles. Of course this is very difficult to translate into an anthem.” However, Atmozfears definitely succeeded according to Janna: “The lyrics set the right tone and the is one that stays with you. Whether you like it or not!”

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Of course the theme is also being incorporated into the designs of the stages, among which the grand Decibel mainstage. Even though this is still top secret, Janna can share just a little bit… “Haha, just for you! Like I said, LIVE LOUD is about a persuasion. Something we all strive for, whether you’re an artist or a visitor. It’s a mutual “craving for the beat”, a feeling everyone recognizes.” The Decibel outdoor 2019 mainstage will therefore be all about this persuasion. “We will honor what has connected us: the harder styles. It will be the place everything comes together, our sanctuary of sound…”

“In every city there are 3 things, big or small, you’ll always find and unconsciously create its essence”

As a visitor, you definitely don’t witness everything that comes about when creating such a grand mainstage. Yet, B2S always works for several months in order to come up with and create the stage. “Every single detail has to be right. While we were working on the complete experience, more and more things are falling into place. Often, we very quickly see what we need in order to get across all of the different elements. We display these elements on moodboards, after which eventually the sketches will be made out of these.” Countless of sketches and calculations are being made, and the complete show is also being designed. “We think about every single thing, in order to create the most sick experience for the visitors!”

Also for the other stages, there’s a lot considering the Decibel experience. This year they have taken it to the next level, by looking at all of the elements that together form a city. “I’m not talking about simple street signs, wayfinding and so on. In every city there are 3 things, big or small, you’ll always find and unconsciously create the essence: a sanctuary, where they share their religions. An industry, where they work hard and an entertainment district where you can go completely wild. We incorporated these 3 core elements into the other areas. This is how we created a diverse “urban culture”. At the south we of course have a second mainstage, which represents the opening on Friday and the Pussy lounge on Saturday.”

“Our terrain is amazing, I’m still so in love with it myself!”

The decoration of the event won’t be limited to the stages: the Decibel outdoor festival grounds will completely be transformed to the feeling of LIVE LOUD. “In our identity we chose for a hard and bright color scheme. You will witness this at a lot of different places. Besides that, we are also focusing on the “urban culture” with a lot of different experiences per area. Our terrain is amazing, I’m still so in love with it myself!” Janna also explains how the takes full advantage of the grounds. “That’s why this year we have once again incorporated ome changes into the stages and for example created sick chill-out on the water.”

Deibel outdoor interview

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Decibel outdoor is going through quite some changes for the upcoming edition: “bigger, better & longer.” Also the end time has changed to 01:00 instead of 23:00, which results in more room for (laser) shows in the dark. “Yes, the dream of every show designer! Instead of half an hour, we now have some time to create epic light and laser shows. You also start to make other choices about the details in the mainstage, because they can be even sicker with lights, lasers, flames or other show elements. In combination with the DJ sets this will create an awesome synergy. Just the little extra you want!” 

“The festival campsite is and will always be number 1, with all of the craziness and unexpected parties”

If you thought the lights/lasers show was sick before, according to Janna you are now definitely in for a treat! “It will be enjoyment for 3 hours straight. The big stage on the south will also be epic in the evening. For Friday and Saturday we have worked on a couple of sick shows. And to top it all off, we have a mainstage endshow on both Saturday and Sunday, during which we can go full force. Of course we are saving some very special show elements especially for these moments.”

There are even more changes for the upcoming edition coming our way, because on Sunday all of the districts will represent another genre than they did on Saturday. In this way, you’ll get to see more of the festival grounds despite of your musical preferences. Of course this is also taken into account while designing the stages: “The stages are more hybrid. But we still look inside of the area and match it with the best genre. This has also been taken into account looking at the layout. Everything has to make sense!”

To end the interview, Janna explains in a nutshell why lovers of the harder styles cannot miss this edition of Decibel outdoor. “I hope, with everything I’ve told above, there’s no doubt about it anymore. This is the start of a new legacy for Decibel! An entire new experience, with more acts and stages than any other harder styles festival. Add a lot of great activities, shows and entertainment and you’re ready to LIVE LOUD! The festival campsite is and will be always be number 1, with loads of craziness and unexpected parties.”

Decibel outdoor will take place on 16, 17 and 18 August 2019 in Hilvarenbeek. For tickets and more information, please visit the official website of the event.

Footage via Facebook-page B2S

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