Anjunadeep‘s amorphous pop-songwriters-turned-deep-house-duo, Eli & Fur, are officially returning to the Anjunabeats subsidiary for another EP release, entitled Into The Night. Tuesday, the London outfit shared the EP’s title track: an airy deep-house harbinger to the full-length project. The track bears Eli & Fur’s exceedingly sultry and idealistic earmark, of course.


Reverie is ever the air with these two. As the track opens, the atmospheric duo’s own languorous vocals phase in, affording the track an otherworldly virtue. Soon, the cinematic of Eli & Fur’s sound design grows increasingly apparent both the offering’s lyrical theme and stylistic approach. The swirling synth line juxtaposed against calming woodblock percussion texturizes the track, while the terse lyrical musings offer further introspective tension: “You reminded me of somethin’ / it’s taking up all my time.”

Paradox and have been driving through lines Eli & Fur’s catalog for years, coming to a crest on their last Anjunadeep EP, Night Blooming Jasmine. While “Parfume” embodies how readily our olfactory systems are inclined to reminisce (“Is this for real or something better?”) through the scents of bygone lovers, “Something Was Real” on the fleeting, imperfect of memory and our visceral inner life.

“Sometimes you find shutting off and making excuses about why not to connect with how you feel on an emotional level,” the pair says via a press statement on the track. “Taking the plunge into something different to your usual is incredibly liberating. ‘Into The Night’ is about that feeling, stepping into the unknown and embracing something you never knew you needed.”

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