Justin OH impresses with bright, glitchy bass Monstercat release, ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’

South Korean producer, Justin OH, released a unique bass thriller, “Don’t Bring Me Down,” the sixth single from his forthcoming City of OZ album. The track that was debuted at Ultra and Tomorrowland combines bright synths, computer glitches, familiar wobbles, and airy vocals for a stark contrast from verse to hook. It’s unlike the standard dubstep, as the smorgasbord of sounds create an uplifting and menacing euphoria that curate a percussive, melodic breakbeat.

The Paul Oakenfold-discovered artist is known for his versatility as a songwriter, producing a wide array of electronic narratives from progressive house to hip-hop and future bass to dubstep. “Don’t Bring Me Down” leans towards the harder side, showcasing OH’s variability even within genre.

OH presents his cyberpunk reality at his live performances with a strong video component of his virtual world called “The City of OZ.” The new album will continue that storyline in the aural sense.

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