Krewella keeps it punchy the music video for their newest single, “Mana.” The track features the duo’s empowering vocals, and the music video furthers their messaging power, spirituality, and the duality of feminine and masculine with polarizing visuals.

“From the tribal tablas to the eerie vocal runs, folding in our Pakistani roots has been essential in our music-making process for many years now,” the sisters note in a press release. “The infusion of all aspects is the future of Krewella that we are so honored to bring to the world.”

Viewers are immersed into a world that fluctuates between reality and fantasy while also taking elements from different cultures and time periods and blending them all into one. The video spins out of control into another dimension when the hits, pairing the visual with the audio experience in a chaotic conclusion. The “Mana” video perfectly encapsulates Krewella’s creative experimentation and globally inspired sound.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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