is of producers, one live-act and one MC. Now the , as as its , the group is increasing: soon they will get a new member.


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The label just uploaded a short video on its socials: “a consistent visionary has merged with our mob”, appearing in capital letters on the screen. Followed by “a new Minus member will be announced soon.” The Minus Is More DJs posted the exact same video clip in their Instagram stories. Luna adds: “something is coming” and Radical Redemption promises us “new blood, people.”

Right now, Radical Redemption, Act of Rage, Chain Reaction, Crypsis and Luna are signed at Minus Is More, as well as MC Nolz. Of course the live-act Minus Militia, containing Radical Redemption, Crypsis and Chain Reaction, is also part of the label. Minus is More describes itself as “an independent group of unpredictable artists” whose “aim is to reflect their sonic vision using an innovative, real and free mindset.” 

Minus Is More gets a new act on board

Who is “unlike others”, as they like to call themselves, and is chosen to join the tribe? That’s still a secret and not known yet. The act who’s going to be the new member of Minus Is More about to be revealed soon, so stay tuned. If you want to stay up to date about the addition of the label, keep an eye on their Instagram account.

Footage taken from Facebook page Minus Is More

Source: Hard News


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