Listen up DJs – Point are back with more essential tips and tricks to help you tighten up your and add exciting switch-ups to your track selections. In this video, Ravine and PB’s DJ Module Leader, Ben Bristow, teamed up to share some of favourite techniques for mixing with different genres and BPMs. These include everything from incorporating isolated vocals into stylish scratch patterns to using the CDJ’s brake speed to create classic turntable-style record stop as well as utilising the of CDJ effects you have your disposal such as , reverb, time stretching and more.

If you’d like to get your mixing skills up to scratch, Point Blank help. They can teach you to DJ in their state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ sponsored studios and then some! Without ado jump into the DJ tips roundup video.

This isn’t the first DJ tips video PB have done and it certainly won’t be the . Their previous videos have covered lots of hot topics such as the top 5 mistakes DJs make, DJ do’s and don’ts as well as first look tech overviews. If you’re a beginner who’s looking to some quick techniques to spice up your be sure to check out their collaborative video series with Pioneer DJ.

Source: Only Techno


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