With a truly authentic vibe, Scandinavia’s KIDDO makes a striking return to Sony Music/Four Music with “Dead Alive.” Having made her mark with the debut single “Drunk And I Miss You,” this year has seen an eye-catching collaboration with Gashi via “Coming Down.”

Able to bring her artistic personality out through her retro-inspired sound, there is another fantastic animated video to run alongside “Dead Alive.” Throwing in some bassline pops and rhythmical percussion, KIDDO’s pop hooks join the mix with originality. She says about this record: “Most of the time, I sit by the piano and play a few chords, until the melodies just come to me. A really strong melody, to me, is the essence of every KIDDO song. I also always aim for super good production; I’m really meticulous when it comes to that. For me, I want my brand of pop music to involve urban sounds, but also elements of rock music and feature actual instruments.”

You can enjoy the full experience of “Dead Alive” below.

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