Flight Facilities are out with their newest single “Better Ever” featuring Aloe Blacc, and the song marks the continued experimentation with genres as they stray away electronic and into soulful pop.

“Better Than Ever” is a feel-good tune that fuses vocoded sound effects, encouraging claps, and stimulating guitar riffs into a cathcy, radio friendly base. Blacc’s mesmerizing vocals captivate from the track’s outset, why he has been a highly coveted collaborator with electronic music acts. Flight Facilities allow Blacc’s voice to remain the highlight of the release, foregoing an electronic drop and choosing to use choir-esque elements as a to the track’s key elements.

The Flight Facilities duo comment on “Better Than Ever” in an release, stating, “We try to explore all genres with our music, and ‘Better Than Ever’ may be as close to pop as we’ve ever been.”

with the , the artists have put out an eccentric music video featuring an itchy man on a bus. His itch can seemingly never be scratched, until a woman with long nails comes to scratch him as well. Then the entire bus joins in before the video plummets into a darker fantasy of ways the man’s itch can be scratched. “Better Than Ever” is out via Classic / Glassnote Records.

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