This weekend one of Hardcore’s most niche will hit Brisbane, Queensland. Bending genres by combing elements of Drum & , Breakcore and Hardcore, The Satan has a truly unique sound that hardcore fans are frothing over.

OzClubbers caught up with Hardcore artist “The Satan” prior to his upcoming Brisbane show. We discussed his work with the Prspct label, the devilish on-stage persona and more.

You had your first trip down under for last year’s Island party and now you’re back for a solo tour. How did the return trip come about and what do you of Australia?

Well, last year I played 2 sets at Hard Island event. Despite of the long trip I was full of energy and even suddenly destroyed my old mask during my 2nd set, haha. That was pure fire! Since that time, I was waiting for the next opportunity to play here and finally I return again! Australia is a special country and even the air is different here, so I’m really looking forward for both events where I’m going to play this time.

The past 6 months have seen you busy with a number of releases on Fortworxx, Prspct and MOH. What’s on the horizon for 2020?

Recently I also released a new vinyl on Hong Kong Violence label. This one has more vibe and more breakbeats, but still works good on a dancefloor I think. I also have some signed stuff, which is going to be released this year, but as for 2020 it’s still an opened question. But you can be sure, that I’m not going to stop!

You’ve played some of hardcore’s biggest parties. Tell us how you felt about these performances, any highlights and what made them special to you?

This festival season was really rich with great events. This year I was invited to play at bigger stages at Dominator and Decibel and also last week I played at Radical Redemption event. With those events I’ve got an opportunity to show my music to bigger and different crowd, and I think that it’s a good .

Prspct records feature artists of many different genres and yet The Satan seems a perfect fit for this label. Tell us about how you come to work with these guys?

First time I played at PRSPCT XL event around 5 years ago. It was a RVLT stage, as I played Breakcore at that time. But I like to mix different styles and my music also changed many times and PRSPCT is a really great place for this kind of variations. You can find here Breakcore, Drum and Bass and Hardcore, everything at the same place, but never cheesy music or like that. PRSPCT releases only serious stuff and this is what I really like about it. It’s not just a record label, agency or great parties, it’s more like a family, where relations are build on mutual and support.

Imagine you have a friend who was deaf and can’t hear your music. How would you describe it to them?

A soundtrack that plays in hell.

Describe your musical influences growing up in Russia and when did you first hear that fast distorted kick drum that features heavily in your own music?

I think I was 11 years old when I started to listen to electronic music. First it was mostly breakbeat, techno, trance and old school 90s hip hop. Later I discovered Jungle and Drum and Bass, but it took some time to get used to faster beats. And since I started to understand the structure of those songs, this kind of stuff has become one of my favourite. So when I heard hardcore for the very first time, I was already prepared to percept some heavy stuff and, moreover, at that time I was purposely looking for something unusual and hard as f*ck. And I found it! Those distorted kick drums were really on point, right on time when I really something like that.

Your sound is already very unique, tell us about the mask and why you chose to use The Satan persona as part of your act?

First it was just music, and then came the name. And then came the mask because of this name. I think this name fits perfectly well with my music. And another reason has more deep and philosophical aspect, but it’s already more private stuff.

Why such a busy schedule it must be hard to ‘turn on’ your creativity as an artist. How do you manage this?

For me it mostly comes naturally, I cannot imagine my life without music, so I just let my ideas and feelings do the stuff. There are some periods when I can literally create new music 24/7, but sometimes I also can feel that I have to make a break to recover myself. But I never push myself to make music, I just do it because I need this in my life.

You played breakcore for many years. The rabbit hole of complex chaotic structure and experimental sound can be enticing to those producing it but has a limited reach and audience. At what point did you decide it was time for a more dancefloor friendly sound and how did the decision come about?

As I like different styles of music, that was not a big problem for me to try something new. My very first tracks were Drum and Bass. And the main reason why I started to do Breakcore was the possibility to mix different genres in one, in particular Drum and Bass and Hardcore. But then I realized that this is not the only way, and I can keep the same idea in a different form, which probably can give me more feedback and useful effect, so why not to try it, right? And then I saw that it works, so it means that I made a right decision.

Comparatively Hardcore fans and few and far between. Older Hardcore fans (outside of Holland) remember a much bigger scene then today and this can sometimes impact perspective on today’s much smaller scene and it’s younger demographic. Despite the changing scene the music remains. Have you noticed this yourself? Do you think we need to return to the glory days or are they still yet to come?

I respect the old days and old stuff because I grew up listening to it, but at the same time I’m also opened for something new. People always say that everything was better when we were younger, people said the same 10, 20, 100 years ago and will continue doing that. But things will never be the same as in the past. It’s just a fact. You can like it or not, but the scene is changing, music is changing.

It’s a natural thing and we should not complain about that. Will it become bigger or smaller in future? Well, the future will show this. Everything is possible and depends on everyone, from young kids who just started to listen to hardcore and discovered this genre yesterday till producers with 20+ years of experience. Everyone is important and our mission is to make everything possible to keep our favourite music alive.

BRISBANE SHOW: Ignite presents The Satan on Fri. 8 Nov at 8 PM – buy tickets here

SYDNEY SHOW: Nightvisions presents The Satan on Sat. 9 Nov, 2019 at 8:00pm. Buy tickets here

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