the of his in on , a on Banana Split‘ EP in November 2018 – German producer Jaines Bomt marks his return as His Master’s Voice this December with the release of a 4-track EP via Delsin, featuring an aptly deep and spell-bounding remix from Vril.

Available in vinyl format – ‘Transition‘ EP delivers an assortment of deep atmospheric works, venturing through leftfield ambient via IDM drum programming and deep driving techno – whilst Vril offers a more breathy and atmospheric take of ‘Eve‘. Listen to ‘Fire Red‘ below.

‘Transition’ EP is scheduled for release 16 December 2019. Order a copy from Delsin.


A1. Fire Red
A2. Eve
B1. Transition
B2. Eve (Vril Remix)

Discover ore about His Master’s Voice and Delsin on Inverted Audio.

Source: Inverted Audio


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