The Chemical Brothers left nothing to the imagination with their mind blowing and beautifully . A cacophony of organised , they transport you into an escape from the mundane with a deeply thought out visual to capture not only the mood of their songs, but to draw the audience attendee into mood.

The show at times is so intense, find it to distinguish what is real and what isn’t. their huge vibrant visual projectors fills senses with state of the art 3D ideas, it blind sides you from seeing a sudden tangible elements entering the show, like an explosion of confetti, or a cannon blast of beach balls into the crowd or giant robots being launched onto the stage. One moment that really got me was a beach ball being launched in the air to mimic a baseball being hit on the visuals. The timing of this moment was impeccable.

The show is filled with all their and is totally dance inducing as expected. But with such a fantastically advanced and technology driven performance, I often found myself (in a good way) standing with my jaw dropped completely forgetting to dance at all. It goes without saying, this was hands down the single most impressive life electronic visual performance I’ve ever seen, aside from ’s 2007 show, which was ahead of the times, at the time.

by Michael Coates

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