A short blurb written by producer and label boss Andre VII was all information I could find Mexican label Platino Records. A quick flick their back catalogue and it became clear that the releases speak for themselves. Through his own releases and the label’s output, Andre VII treats the listener a fresh perspective, “Capturing the of the local underground”. up with compatriot JAAW, the “Creativity and Technology” is no exception.

It’s a new sound for mexico and Latin

Andre VII, Label Boss at Platino Records

The original mix of Creativity & Technology is a great opener for the release. It’s tight driving rhythm section and crispy hats keep things moving while the top end meanders to the edge of psychedelia and back again. The second cut though was by far the standout for me though.


New Planets is the stand out for me. Warm and chugging, modulating staccato fx build slowly and great programming play off each other to create an almost viseral tension. At a tempo making it versatile across different dancefloors, enough grit for it to sink your teeth into and surprisingly break, the future is looking very bright for the new sound of the Mexican underground.

Label: Platino Records : Andre VII, JAAW
Remixers: Zombies in Miami, Paulor Title: Creativity & Technology EP Format: Digital
Cat.Number: PO26 Release Date: September 27th, 2019 Distribution: The Orchard

Platino Records


Andre VII




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