CLIENTS unveil their first single ‘Don’t Feel Lonely’ on Kwalete Anthems.

A blistering first single from the talented English/German duo, ‘Don’t Feel Lonely’ features a -heavy chorus and catchy vocal, creating a club-banger vibe that is guaranteed to keep you dancing all night long.

Don’t miss out on the first single from CLIENTS; ‘Don’t Feel Lonely’ is here on Kwalete Anthems.

‘We wrote ‘Don’t Feel Lonely’ in Berlin during our first session with Therese who was over from Oslo. There was a bit of time pressure as she had a flight to catch – but luckily it was one of those elusive days where everything came together very quickly.

It’s about the predicament where a relationship slips into malaise – but somehow there’s comfort in the familiar and it seems easier to keep going instead of dealing with the consequences of ripping off the bandaid. – CLIENTS

Don’t Feel Lonely is out now.



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