Ben Gold and Omnia are names that are familiar to trance fans the world over, and widely acclaimed by their fellow peers as being amongst the finest trance and progressive producers in the scene. Each has a very distinct sound, releasing on leading labels such as Armada Music and Garuda.

When the opportunity arose for Omnia and Ben Gold to perform a back-to-back together in 2018, the pair grasped the opportunity and haven’t looked back since. The duo hit it off immediately and delivered a stellar performance that demonstrated the power of their combined repertoire and on-stage chemistry behind the decks that made their set a highlight of the festival. Little did they know before that day started, but they had just set in motion possibly the biggest evolution in their careers to date, the formation of FUTURECODE.

Omnia and Ben Gold are on a mission to embed their cutting-edge productions into dance music’s DNA. Their is to develop a sound that’s both very much in tune for the dancefloors of today while also pushing new boundaries to ensure the music is future-proofed for the months and years ahead. That sound is FUTURECODE.

Ben took some time out while preparing for FUTURECODE’s mammoth set at Festival X, to chat with OzClubbers regarding his history, FUTURECODE, and what’s to come!

What inspired you to music – where did you start?

For me it was out in Ibiza where I got the bug to get involved. I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life but actually going out there, being in the thick of it, feeling the buzz and the atmosphere and seeing what the guys DJing out there were doing from the booth, it was just magical. As soon as I felt that electricity, I knew I had to be part of it and I haven’t looked back since.

What equipment did you use when you first started, compared to what you use today?

I started on and I still use Logic. it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! Some producers are all about new fangled this and that when it comes to their studio but I think that knowing something inside and out and not even having to think about using it, so that it’s almost like breathing, means you can really lose yourself inside the creative flow. For me it’s more important to get inside that creative channel rather than getting bogged down inside a new set up.

Is there any equipment that you use and have used your entire career that is a must-have for you onstage? What and why is it critical?

Definitely the industry standard Pioneer NEXUS CDJ’s and mixer, they’re an absolute must. Again it comes down to a quality product that’s always reliable, that gives you what you need when you need it, that you know and understand inside out, that you can almost forget about when you’re DJing so you can get inside the mix and really let loose. There’s nothing worse when you’re DJing than having unreliable equipment or something that’s configured differently, it’s like driving a car and the wheel being at your feet all of a , it just changes the whole experience.

You have collaborated with many different artists, other than this new venture, who is your favourite collaboration and why?

I have had the pleasure of working with some really amazing producers and they’ve all been incredible to get in the studio with but if I had to pick? I’d say wither Gareth Emery or Ruben. We make good art together, I know how both of them work and vice versa, I always seem to come up with big hitters every time I work with them. it’s fun to work with mates.

I note the music and melody you are both using in Futurecode is really upbeat but the lyrics are quite deep – who writes the lyrics and where does this experience come from?

Roxanne and I wrote ‘Dancing In The Rain’ coming off the back of ‘Stay’, which we also wrote together. I really wanted to write a song that has a strong underlying tone that people can connect with.

In a recent interview you said some songs were recorded that didn’t get onto the album, is there a reason they weren’t chosen?

It really is as simple as they just didn’t “fit”. I was in the lucky position where I had a lot of music written to choose from, the music was coming naturally which I always think is a good sign that you’re on the right path artistically. Knowing exactly what I wanted to album to sound like, what the theme was, it made it much easier to whittle the tracklist down to the right selection. From the reaction of fans and everyone who listened to it, we nailed it.

Are you already working on the next Futurecode album and will we see a different direction taken with this new one compared to the released album?

I’m always busy in the studio, it’s what I live for, whether that’s creating an album project or working on singles or remixes. I took a little break after the album release to chill out and have some downtime but that was maybe just over a week and then I was back in the studio. What direction the next project will take me in, I’m not 100% sure right now, I like to give myself some creative breathing room to begin with and see where I’m heading naturally. If that’s the same direction I’ve been going lately then so be it, if it’s a different one then again, that’s where I’ll go. You can’t force music or creativity, you’ve got to listen, tune in and then go where you feel you’re being taken.

Where is your favourite venue or country to play and why?

Wow, that’s a hard question! Picking just one is so hard because I’ve been to so many different places over the years and had an amazing time in pretty much all of them, but if you’re going to push me then I’d say that I love Montreal, Toronto and Buenos Aires the most.

What’s your most memorable gig – can you tell us about it please?

Again too hard to pick just one! I think out of all of them, closing ASOT 900 with Futurecode was something super special, my first sold out in Montreal in the summer of 2013 and my last show at the infamous Guvernment in Toronto, that one was pretty emotional for me because it was an incredible venue, so much trance music history, it really was a legendary club and crowd.

Thanks Ben for taking the time out to chat!

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