FANGS may not yet be a , but for for a fix, the is a worthy contender to represent the best the genre yields. The LA-based is out with his newest single, “Solace,” which draws on a variety of influences. To draw inspiration on his latest, FANGS put the challenges of working in the music industry aside and reignited his initial love for music and music production.

A powerful vocal line immediately captures the listener’s attention. The vocals are merged with simplistic instrumental arrangements that become part of an elaborate whole. The single ultimately translates into an uplifting and energetic track that is the perfect backdrop for the peak of a club set.

FANGS spoke to Dancing Astronaut about the release, stating, “There is no hiding that there are pressures that come along in any professional career. All too often, musicians, songwriters, and producers alike enter the writing process with expectations placed on them that could ultimately set them up for failure. I’ve been there.” He continues, “With this new single, I took an impromptu approach. I reminded myself why I make music. I channeled that feeling I had as child; that sense of wonder that music gave me. A time in life when I felt truly free. Music was an escape then and should serve that same purpose throughout life. I let that energy lead me and this song was born. ’Solace’ represents the pure feeling and inner peace you achieve even in the middle of the chaos that life may bring.”

FANGS consistently finds ways to blend the catchiest elements of house music with unexpected sonic touches that transform his releases from traditional house tunes into multi-faceted sonic works. “Solace” is no exception.

The single is out now on L’America music.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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