Throw a few in the , hot , and in the coziness of the winter with Nils Frahm’s newly released 2019 . Chock full of oldies and Christmas classics from Nils and collaborator Torsten Posselt’s personal record collections, the mix serves as the perfect Christmas morning sampler, one that lets you take your foot off the pedal and simply appreciate the holiday season.

“hohoho, hehehe and hahaha once more!
This year Torsten and myself we’re slightly ahead of schedule, so please enjoy our annual xmas mix a little earlier than usual. Also it might just be in time to help ease the pain of my English friends… all you can do now is invest all your money in alcohol, think of something nice and listen to this! seriously…

Love to you and yours, keep being nice and a salut to the mighty Santa,
Nils and Torsten”

Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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