The name John Course is well known throughout and overseas. He is synonymous with Australian house music, the Australian label Vicious, onelove, Blackout, and generally just an all-round top guy.

So when you hear that John is teaming up with a few other big names, such as John Curtin & Piero Giovannini, you know that this venture is bound to be a success. Cue “Request Artists“.

Request Artists is a marketplace anyone can book the best Australian DJ’s and Artists for their events.

OzClubbers’ own DanceMonkey sat down with John to chat about his career, his new venture, and what else he has on the horizon!

Hi John, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at OzClubbers.
In DJ career, you’ve played at a diverse range of venues both nationally and internationally. Which one would you say has been your favourite venue to play at and why?

Wow so … Mykonos Island in Greece in the European summer I used to play at a club called Paradise Club… I remember some really awesome moments from that place as the sun up over the open air dance floor!

You’ve also played at so many of the big festivals around Australia.  Can you tell us a bit about your most memorable festival experience over your entire career?

I think the two best festivals played would be closing Summerdayze at the Myer Music Bowl and Stereosonic.

You’ve been around long enough to have most likely used such a wide range of equipment, from turntables through to digital. But every DJ has a favourite. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite piece of equipment you prefer to use??

While turntables have a “romantic” appeal CDJ’s are so much more versatile with their looping, sampling functions and also the amount of music you can fit on a USB (thousands) vs record crates (literally about 80 per case) means the new wave of digital players is way better.

With your diverse sounds, where do you get your inspiration? How do you decide who to collaborate with?

I constantly listen to new music… shows like Mac on Radio One in the UK (her Friday night show streams), Defected Podcast, DJ mixes, listen to other DJ’s… Literally music can come from anywhere!

What would you say was the proudest moment in your career?

I think closing Summerdayze to 25,000 plus clubbers was awesome, but also being a part of breaking artists such as Madison Avenue, Dirty South, Avicii and more via my label Vicious has been pretty awesome.

Since launching Vicious Recordings, you’ve worked with so many artists. Can you name one standout artist that you enjoyed working with the most and why did they stand out to you?

Well, there have been many, but I like those who had a real feel for the style of music they and didn’t flounder across too many styles… they know what they like and go for it… all artists evolve, but I think Avicii’s early music had his trademark melodic hooks. He was a great loss to music and somebody who was very genuine so he is one we were proud to be at the start of.

Your new venture, Request Artists, is extremely easy to use has an extensive list of talent.  How do you decide who is listed on the platform?

Firstly they have to be good DJ’s. Then it was about sourcing varied music styles and finding DJ’s who love what they play… be it R&B, crossover stuff, or underground club music. When a DJ is happy playing a style of music and that style clicks with somebody running and event or having a party, the process is easy because the DJ is not being asked to play music they don’t like and the client booking is getting the music they want. You cant just say “I want a DJ” and expect the music to fit … You need to have a music and fit the right talent. I wanted to ensure we have the right musically varied and comprehensive DJ talent to be able to please any clients request.

How would a new and aspiring musician pitch to you to get onto the Request Artists platform?

We’re pretty full right now, but really just explain their story and why they would be an asset. Unique talent always has a place.

Are there any new and emerging artists you are mentoring we should be on the lookout for?

There’s always new artists breaking through on different . To some people Dom Dolla was a new artist with “Take It” breaking into new countries, yet he has been well known in Australia for a while and even more so for literally years and years in Melbourne where he started… I think on a club tip Clueless, Jesse Bligh, Needs No Sleep, Flash 89 and The Journey are all doing cool things… but all are quite underground. Luke Vecchio  is making some really cool stuff out of Melbourne. Sydney’s Friendless is always doing cool stuff… Illstrtd has some wicked new music coming in 2020… We also have a guy called Henry Hacking signed out of the UK that does big, catchy, house music and his “New Love” is a bit of a piano vocal anthem!

And finally, what is on the horizon for John Course?  What do you have coming up in the future (musically or otherwise) that we should keep an eye out for?

More DJ gigs as always including Riva New Years Day, Reminisce and my Good Friday 8 hour set going back through classics to today (in no particular order)… More great music through Vicious, Be Rich and Vicious Black and maybe a few studio sessions with some new original music from me… and looking forward to connecting events with our Request Artists roster in 2020 and beyond… Another busy year ahead!!!

Thanks for chatting with us, John!

You can read more about Request Artists at the link below

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